Community feedback

Roads and Maritime Services is grateful to the community for providing feedback on various pinch point projects underway in neighbourhoods across Sydney. This page provides some recent examples of community feedback.

I would like to say the proposal for a right turn lane (Hume Highway northbound into Liverpool Street) is perfect! As a resident within this neighbourhood, I have been waiting for something like this for a very long time, and would like to say thank you for finally implementing such a plan. I know this right turn lane will be strongly welcomed by my neighbours, it would assist us a lot, and not make us feel so guilty for causing such a congestion in the lane when on the way home...

I write to make comment on the proposed changes to Taren Point Road, between Taren Point and Caringbah. As a resident of Taren Point these changes will greatly impact me.

I think it is great that RMS is finally addressing the traffic congestion on Taren Point Road, and I think the proposals outlined are all excellent, and will have a positive impact on traffic in the area, and hopefully speed up travel times in the area...

I am writing to congratulate you and your team on the successful completion of the Princes Highway and President Avenue, Kogarah - Intersection Upgrade project.

As a retired Electrical Engineer, who was involved in design and construction of infrastructure for switching telephone traffic, it has been interesting to observe how another discipline develops traffic infrastructure.

The elegant design created to improve traffic flow through this intersection obviously involved a complex schedule of stages and the regular flow of notices to keep local residents informed about the project from start to finish were appreciated.

Congratulations to all those involved in the successful planning, design, management and construction of this significant public engineering project.

Just wanted to say what a great improvement you've made to the west to east traffic flow on Mowbray Rd where it crossed the Pacific Highway. Just a reconfiguration of the three lanes, creating a left turn only at the Great Northern and creating the right turn at Hampden Rd on the East side of the Pacific Highway has made a world of difference.

Very smart thinking, well done.

Thank you for the work done at the intersection of Darcy Road and Cumberland Highway.

Special thanks to the staff responsible for their work, their enthusiasm, responsibility in their work....the respect, manners and willingness of the staff with relation to the neighbours. Great job!

Thank you very much for everything.

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