Image of Remembrance Driveway trees on Federal Highway at Wollogorang

Federal Highway, Wollogorang safety improvements and tree replacement

Roads and Maritime will improve road safety on the Federal Highway at Wollogorang by removing and replacing trees along this section of the Remembrance Driveway during autumn 2018 and autumn 2019.

Project information

Over the last two years several trees have fallen onto the Federal Highway, creating a risk for motorists.

To improve safety for motorists, Roads and Maritime will remove trees at risk of falling onto the road or planted too close to the road.

As part of this work, new trees will be planted further away from the road to enhance this section of the Remembrance Driveway and protect its legacy for future generations.

Remembrance Driveway is a living memorial linking Sydney and Canberra, commemorating those who have served in the Australian Defence Forces in World War II and subsequent wars or who have served since then in operational theatres around the world, in defence of the Nation’s interest.

As part of this project Roads and Maritime has consulted with Remembrance Driveway Committee regarding tree removal and replacement, including the type of tree and locations for replanting.

Over 280 new trees will be planted to protect this section of the Remembrance Driveway, to replace about 120 trees to be removed. These trees include poplars and pine trees planted five metres away from the road, nearing the end of their life and at risk of falling onto or near the road.

The new trees will be advanced Pin Oaks, which will reach about 10 metres height and feature spectacular autumn colours when mature. They will be planted further away from the road, providing about 13 metres clearance. The new trees will be planted in single rows to create an avenue effect on the Federal Highway, to protect and sustain the Remembrance Driveway for future generations.

The new trees will be planted in two stages:

Stage one (autumn 2018) – tree planting along a one kilometre section of the southbound lanes (eastern side)

Stage two (autumn 2019) – tree planting along a three kilometre section of the northbound lanes (western side) to take advantage of better soil and ensure the new trees have the best chance of thriving.

  • Improve safety for motorists on the Federal Highway by removing trees close to the road and at risk of falling.
  • Enhance and sustain this section of the Remembrance Driveway as a living memorial for future generations.


Maintenance activities including watering for the new trees will be carried out for about six months.

The next stage of planting to complete the project will be carried out in autumn 2019.

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