Local access, pedestrians and cyclists

Local access

Upgrades at busy highway intersections improve safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, improve access to the highway and local roads.

This may include extra turning lanes or traffic lights at intersections, and improved local roads so local residents don't have to use the highway for short trips.

Buses serving various communities along the highway also benefit from an improved road network.

Widened road sections allow for safer pick up and set down of passengers without blocking through traffic. 

In some areas, the highway, or local roads, may be widened to improve bus access.

Pedestrians and cyclists

The upgrade of the Great Western Highway will improve travel times for motorists as well as provide a safer road environment for all users including pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian safety improvements include:

  • New or upgraded pedestrian signals in towns.
  • Pedestrian refuges along some sections of the highway.
  • Pedestrian over or underpasses where appropriate.
  • Off road shared (cyclist/pedestrian) paths where appropriate.
  • New pedestrian bridges have been installed at Blaxland, Warrimoo, Valley Heights, Faulconbridge, Hazelbrook, Leura and Shell Corner. See 'Pedestrians and cyclists' section of the 'photo library'.

Cyclists benefit from all road safety improvements along the Great Western Highway upgrade, including reduced speed limits in towns. Other features to benefit cyclists include:

  • Widening of the highway.
  • Provision of additional overtaking lanes.
  • Improvement of traffic facilities at intersections crossing the highway in townships.
  • Provision of bicycle facilities along the highway.
  • Turning lanes to allow safer turns between the highway and local roads.
  • Elimination of dangerous bends by realigning or widening the highway.
  • Extra lanes and separation of opposing traffic flows.
  • Consistent line-marking and signposting.
  • Widening of bridges.

In some areas progressive upgrade works and maintenance will result in sealed shoulders for cyclists, as well as connections with local cycleways in towns.

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