Completed projects

Valley Heights

Completed in July 2000. New pedestrian bridge.


Completed in July 2000. Four lane upgrade and pedestrian bridge at railway station.


Completed in February 2001. Parking improvements and pedestrian bridge at railway station.


Completed in June 2001. Four lane upgrade and pedestrian bridge at railway station.

Soldiers Pinch (Mt Victoria)

Completed in June 2002. Improved alignment and overtaking lane.


Completed in August 2003. Four lane upgrade with new bridges and pedestrian signals.

Coomassie shopping precinct

Completed in December 2003. Parking, pedestrian and cyclist improvements.

Medlow Bath

Completed in December 2003. Improved alignment, replacement bridge and new signalised intersection.

Shell Corner (Katoomba)

Completed in August 2004. Four lane upgrade, two new bridges, new traffic signals.

Wentworth Falls West

Completed in June 2005. Four lane upgrade with three improved intersections and new off-road shared pedestrian/cyclist path.

Lapstone Hill safety improvements

Completed in August 2005. Median barrier extended and wider shoulder for cyclists.

Leura to Katoomba

Four lane upgrade from Willow Park Avenue, Leura to Bowling Green Avenue, Katoomba. Section 1 (Willow Park Avenue and Kings Road) was completed in May 2006 and Section 2 ( Kings Road and Bowling Green Avenue) in March 2009.

Lawson Town Centre

The new Lawson Town Centre was opened on 9 May 2009. This allowed for the construction of the service road and the four-lane upgrade between Orient Street and Ridge Street, Lawson, which was opened on 13 November 2010.

Wentworth Falls East and Lawson East Upgrade

In 2012, the upgrades between Tablelands Road and Station Street, Wentworth Falls and the Lawson East upgrade – from Ferguson Avenue to Orient Street East – were completed.

Woodford to Hazel Brook

A new underpass for local road access to Railway Parade Hazelbrook was opened in August 2009.

The upgrade of the Highway from Woodford to Hazelbrook opened on 10 July 2014.

Bullaburra West

The Bullaburra West project started in 2012 and was opened to traffic in November 2014. The project upgraded the Highway from Genevieve Road, Bullaburra to Tableland Road, Wentworth Falls.

Bullaburra East

This was the final stage of the upgrade of the Great Western Highway between Emu Plains and Katoomba. It was completed in July 2015.

Hartley Valley to Forty Bends

The safety upgrades and road improvements on the Great Western Highway between Hartley Valley and Forty Bends was completed in October 2017.

The project was part of the $250 million upgrade package on the Great Western Highway, jointly funded by the Australian and NSW governments.

Maintenance works

The following major maintenance works involving pavement resurfacing have been completed: 

  • Layton Avenue to Baden Place at Blaxland.
  • The Valley Road to Lugarno Avenue at Springwood.
  • West of Railway Parade at Medlow Bath.
  • Railway overbridge to Grandview Road at Mt Victoria.
  • West Street to Willow Park Avenue at Leura.
  • Electricity Substation to Mount Boyce Reserve at Blackheath.

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