Martin Bridge, Taree

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for the repainting of Martin Bridge.

Martin Bridge

Updates and announcements

In June and July 2018, Roads and Maritime Services carried out work to repair and replace steel beams, rivets and bolts in preparation for the repainting project. Planning for the repainting work is now underway. We will keep stakeholders and the community informed as the project progresses.

Project background

Martin Bridge is a steel truss bridge that spans the Manning River at Taree. The bridge has an overall length of 475 metres with 15 spans, 11 of which are steel trusses. The bridge was opened in 1940 and replaced a ferry service at the end of Pulteney Street, Taree.

The NSW Government is funding the repainting project to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge and reduce future maintenance requirements of the bridge.

The scope of the repainting project includes cleaning bearings, applying corrosion prevention, rehabilitating expansion joints, installing bottom chord drainage, installing bird proofing, repairing and repainting existing steel work of the bridge.

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