Manning Street and Point Road intersection upgrade, Tuncurry

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the Manning Street and Point Road intersection at Tuncurry to improve safety for motorists at the intersection.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services has postponed work to build a roundabout at the intersection of Manning Street and Point Road at Tuncurry.

We are reviewing the project to consider suggestions raised by the local community.

We will update the community once this review has been completed including outcomes of the review and next steps for the project.

Project background

Manning Street provides the link to/from Tuncurry to the Foster Tuncurry bridge, over the Coolongolook River, providing motorists a vital connection between Forster and Tuncurry.

Over the years, the intersection at Manning Street and Point Road, Tuncurry has become a safety issue for motorists.

In the five years between July 2011 and June 2016 there were 15 crashes at the intersection of Manning Street and Point Road, including five which resulted in injury. The majority of the crashes involved motorists turning right onto Manning Street from Point Road.

Planning and investigations

Traffic modelling carried out in June 2017 showed during normal peak hour conditions the roundabout design would be effective in managing traffic flows.

Roads and Maritime carried out surveys in December 2017 under peak holiday conditions which showed extensive queuing on Manning Street on Saturday 30 December and less queuing on Sunday 31 December. The traffic volumes on Point Road travelling onto Manning Street and Taree Street were relatively small and there is no expectation that the new roundabout will attract a large increase in traffic from Point Road or Taree Street.

The studies showed that a new roundabout will not lead to increased congestion on Manning Street during usual or peak holiday conditions.

A new roundabout is considered to be the best solution to the safety problem at Manning Street and Point Road because it will more safely manage traffic entering Manning Street while having a minimal impact on traffic patterns on the surrounding road network.

More information on the traffic surveys can be found in the review of environmental factors.

Key features

The project would involve:

  • building a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Manning Street and Point Road to reduce the risk of crashes, particularly for motorists turning right onto Manning Street from Point Road
  • changing line marking on Manning Street so eastbound motorists merge into one lane 130 metres before the proposed roundabout, to improve traffic flow on approach to the intersection
  • upgrading the pedestrian refuge on Manning Street, north of the intersection, to provide a safer crossing location where pedestrians can cross one traffic lane at a time. The refuge will include the installation of kerbside concrete islands on Manning Street to reduce the crossing distance
  • extending or changing the shape of the raised concrete median on Manning Street and Point Road. Vegetation in the central median on Manning Street will be removed, however the shrubs on the concrete island on the corner of Point Road will be retained
  • installing guardrail on both sides of Manning Street, extending from the intersection to the existing guardrail on approach to the Forster-Tuncurry Bridge
  • relocation of signs and lighting, where required.
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