Picton Road intersection safety upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services has completed the safety upgrade which improves conditions for vehicles heading north onto the M1 Princes Motorway (to Sydney) from Picton Road.

Project background

This project removed the T-intersection which required traffic to enter a high speed, heavy vehicle environment at the base of a one kilometre hill.

The upgrade has improved safety by realigning the northbound access to remove the T-intersection and built an acceleration lane to allow drivers to safely increase speed before merging into motorway traffic.

The NSW Government provided $5.5 million to complete the upgrade.

Project objectives

  • Improve safety by removing the current T-intersection
  • Improve safety by providing an acceleration lane that allows vehicles to achieve the average traffic speed before merging
  • Provide more opportunities to separate light and heavy vehicles on the M1 Princes Motorway
  • Improve traffic flow at this location.

Key features

  • Realignment of the on-load ramp from Picton Road to provide a 30km/h curve directly connected to the acceleration lane
  • A 700m acceleration lane built on the M1 as an extension of the on-load ramp
  • The provision of a two to three metre wide shoulder on the M1 northbound
  • A 200m retaining wall 1.5m high at the southern end of the acceleration lane.

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