Picton Road safety improvements

Roads and Maritime Services is carrying out safety improvements on Picton Road near the two rest areas.

Updates and announcements

The new acceleration lanes from the rest areas on Picton Road are now open to traffic. Fauna fencing and median barriers have been installed.

As part of this project fauna connectivity will be improved with the installation of a fauna underpass.

Work will commence on 14 October and involve building the initial section of the underpass off the road and temporary lanes for traffic use as the project progresses. For the first week work will be carried out at night to install barriers beside the road. Work hours will be from 7pm to 5am from Sunday to Thursday. A 40km/h speed limit will be in place in both directions during work hours, and increased to 80 km/h outside work hours.

From Monday 22 October for up to three weeks work will be carried out from 7am to 5pm on weekdays. An 80 km/h speed limit will be in place for most of this work and during peak travel times, however this may be reduced to 40 km/h for short periods when work is carried out close to traffic.

From mid-November motorists will be diverted onto temporary lanes for about 140 metres around the work site. A 40km/h speed limit will be in place in both directions until the work is completed in mid-December, weather permitting.

Project background

There are two existing rest areas on Picton Road, an eastbound one built around 12 years ago and a westbound one built in 1966. The exits to both of these rest areas were previously a give way controlled T intersection with the speed limit near both areas 100 km/h.

Around 3400 heavy vehicles use Picton Road daily, including around 470 B Doubles.


The Australian and NSW Governments have jointly contributed $4.6 million to build acceleration lanes for heavy vehicles to safely exit the two rest areas on Picton Road and a fauna underpass.

By improving the exit and re-entry to Picton Road, the rest areas are more efficient and allow heavy vehicles drivers to safely merge back onto the road at the speed limit – reducing delays for motorists.

The NSW Government has also contributing an additional $859,000 for Roads and Maritime to complete safety improvements on Picton Road.

Work involved widening of the road shoulders and the installation of a median safety barrier along the length of Picton Road between the two rest areas.

The next work to take place is the construction of a fauna underpass

Project benefits

  • Improved safety for heavy vehicles accessing the rest areas
  • Improved freight efficiency and improved travel times for all motorists
  • Improved safety for all road users by reducing the risk of head on and run off road crashes
  • Upgrade of westbound rest area with a new toilet, picnic table seating and shelter.

Fauna connectivity will also be improved as part of this project:

  • One kilometre of fauna fencing installed on each side of the road for the length of the project area and a fauna underpass built beneath this section of Picton Road will direct koalas and other wildlife to safer crossing points.

You can see details of the previous projects on Picton Road on the completed projects page.

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