Industrial Drive, Mayfield West

Industrial Drive, Mayfield West – Tourle Street and Werribi Street intersection upgrades

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the Tourle Street and Werribi Street intersections on Industrial Drive, Mayfield West to improve traffic flow and cater for future traffic growth.

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MAR 2019

MAR 2019Start of work

Work on the Tourle Street intersection started in March 2019. We will be working between 6pm and 5am from Sunday to Friday and expect to complete the project in five months, weather permitting.

There will also be some additional day work between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

For more information please download the March 2019 project notification (PDF, 283Kb).

Project information

In February 2015, the NSW Government announced $8 million to upgrade the Industrial Drive intersections with Tourle Street and Werribi Street at Mayfield West as part of the Rebuilding NSW program.

Industrial Drive is a significant road link providing access to the city centre of Newcastle, the greater area of Port Stephens, the Pacific Highway and the New England Highway.

As there is a mix of heavy and light industry and commercial land uses in the area, a large proportion of heavy vehicle traffic travels through these intersections on Industrial Drive.

The Tourle Street and Werribi Street intersections are located close to each other and traffic queueing on Industrial Drive can make it problematic for motorists making the weave movement from Werribi Street to Tourle Street across the through lanes on industrial Drive. There are also queueing and capacity issues at both intersections.

The project has been split into two components with the first stage of work at the Industrial Drive and Tourle Street intersection.

The NSW Government is investing $2.1M this financial year to improve safety and traffic efficiency at the intersection of Industrial Drive and Tourle Street at Mayfield West.

More than 5,200 vehicles travel through the intersection per hour during the morning peak and more than 5,400 per hour during the afternoon peak.

Between July 2011 and December 2017, there were 34 crashes at the intersection including one fatal crash and 30 injury crashes. The predominant pattern of crashes were rear ends, collisions between cross traffic and loss of control crashes.

The project includes:

  • Road widening to lengthen the existing left turn lane from Industrial Drive into Tourle Street which will provide more capacity for motorists turning left. This will also ensure queued traffic from the left turn lane doesn’t spill out into the eastbound through lanes.
  • Extending the length of the merge lane on Tourle Street heading north to improve safety for merging motorists. A 'zip' merge will be introduced to improve traffic flow for northbound traffic.
  • Improving cycle safety at the intersection through the provision of wider road shoulders, off-road paths and building a concrete path from Industrial Drive to Murray Dwyer Circuit to connect to existing cycle facilities.

The environmental assessment for the project was finalised in November 2018. For more information please view or download the review of environmental factors (PDF, 50.9Mb).

Roads and Maritime is currently preparing a design and environmental assessment for the Industrial Drive and Werribi Street intersection upgrade.

We will continue to keep the community informed as the project progresses.

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Project notification

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March 2019 project notification

Start of work at the Industrial Drive and Tourle Street intersection, Mayfield West from Sunday 17 March 2019.



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