Kamay Bay ferry terminals reinstatement

Kamay ferry wharves

The NSW Government is planning to reinstate ferry wharves at La Perouse and Kurnell. This will create a water connection between La Perouse and Kurnell, allowing greatly-improved physical and cultural links of particular importance to the Aboriginal community.

Latest news

NOV 2020

NOV 2020Call for the Registrations of Interested Contractors

We have invited contractors to tell us about their interest, experience and capability to construct the wharves.

This is the initial registration stage and will be followed by an invitation to selected contractors for more detailed submissions, including costs, next year.

View the Registration of Interest.

OCT 2020

OCT 2020Geotechnical investigations

We have been carrying out geotechnical investigations on-water and on land.

The water-based activity consisted of drilling boreholes into the seabed using a jack-up crane on a barge. We took samples and this will be used to inform our design.

The land-based work (at both Kurnell and La Perouse) involves digging test pits on land around the foreshore and investigating the specific geology beneath the surface.

Both of these investigations will help inform the strategic design of the wharves.

See Notifications in the Documents section on this page for more information.

SEP 2020

SEP 2020Round 1 of consultation completed

Thanks to all who gave their time over the consultation period to give us their opinions...keep them coming, we still want to hear from you.

As part of three online interactive sessions on August 10, 11 and 13 the project team presented and heard from community members about their views and questions on the project.

Some information requested by participants will be available in full as part of detailed studies in the Environmental Impact Statement. This will be on public exhibition in the first half of 2021.

There was a range of views on the project raised in the sessions. Some participants were enthusiastic about the benefits of the wharves including the recreational value and convenience of being able to travel across the bay. Some key issues raised included:

  • concern that the project will add to the existing traffic and parking issues in La Perouse and traffic at Kurnell.
  • the size of the ferries (further to news articles that suggest these were to accommodate 400 passengers). Participants were reassured that the ferry size will mostly likely accommodate 100-250 passengers.
  • the fear that the development of the wharves is connected to the proposed development of a passenger cruise terminal. Participants were reassured that the proposals are unrelated.
  • queries about the proposed ferry service - including its commercial viability, frequency of the service and ability to operate in rough weather conditions.
  • wanting assurance that the impact on the environment is being properly assessed and minimised.
  • concern for the visual impact of the wharves.

Feedback received during these sessions has been noted by the project team and will be considered in the ongoing development of the design and impact assessment.

JUN 2020

JUN 2020New feedback mechanism

You can now send us feedback on the project via a “Your Say” page.

We welcome your feedback, memories of the previous ferries, pictures, stories and your input on the reinstatement of the ferry wharves. Visit the “Your Say” page on the Transport for NSW website.

APR 2020

APR 2020Early studies and site investigations

Early studies and site investigations are now underway to better inform the design, development and environmental impact assessment work.

This includes:

  • Water-based surveys to determine depths in Botany Bay near potential wharf sites, identify possible obstacles and better understand the nature of the sea floor
  • Traffic and parking surveys at La Perouse and Kurnell
  • Background noise monitoring at Kurnell and La Perouse
  • Environmental investigations and studies to better understand the site conditions including local marine life and other fauna and flora.

During these preliminary studies and investigations key stakeholders and the community will be notified and consulted at appropriate times.

Following completion of the preliminary studies and investigations, the project team will work closely with local communities and stakeholder groups to further refine the design.

Project information

Transport for NSW is continuing to develop its plans to reinstate the ferry wharves at La Perouse and Kurnell.

This project supports the Kamay 2020 Project that was presented to the community in 2018.

A ferry service operated between Kurnell and La Perouse from the 1890s until 1974 when severe storms damaged the wharves.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has established a project team to undertake the planning, design, assessment, and delivery of the La Perouse and Kurnell wharves and associated infrastructure.

There continues to be broad government and community support on both sides of Botany Bay to reinstate the ferry wharves with potential historic, social, tourism, transport and economic benefits.

The Kamay 2020 Master Plan considers reinstatement of the wharves as being integral to the design for the upgraded Kurnell Precinct.

The project is expected to provide benefits for La Perouse, Kurnell and Sydney, including:

  • Creation of new wharves that are expected to be used by recreational and commercial vessels, including ferries
  • Water-borne access to the National Park which will provide an important physical and cultural link between the two places for visitors and the Aboriginal community
  • Better access to the location of the first meeting between Aboriginal Australians and Lieutenant James Cook and the crew of HMB Endeavour at Kamay Botany Bay National Park
  • Enabling a future ferry connection to create the missing link for walking and cycling routes around Botany Bay and along Sydney’s southern coastline
  • Better transport connections to Sydney for the community of Kurnell and other parts of Sutherland Shire
  • Increase in tourists and commuters on either side of the bay, providing both direct and indirect economic benefits including to local businesses.

In 2016, Arup was commissioned by TfNSW to complete a Feasibility Study which investigated the viability of reinstating the wharves. The study concluded that reinstating the wharves would provide numerous benefits for La Perouse, Kurnell and the wider Sydney area.

In 2018 the Office of Environment and Heritage (now the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) completed the Kamay Botany Bay National Park Kurnell Precinct Master Plan.

On 28th April 2018, the Prime Minister and Federal Treasurer announced $50 million in funding towards Stage 1 of the Master Plan with contributions coming from both the Commonwealth ($25 million) and NSW ($25 million) Governments.

Stage 1 of the Master Plan includes the re-establishment of the wharves at La Perouse and Kurnell.

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