Maintaining the road network

Roads and Maritime Services Infrastructure Maintenance Program delivers economic benefits to the community through savings in vehicle operating costs through the provision of improved ride quality of pavements. This results in a reduction in fuel and oil consumption, vehicle maintenance, tyre wear and vehicle depreciation.

Maintaining the road network means taking into account what each road was originally designed for and the factors impacting on the road over its life, including weather conditions, traffic volume, heavy vehicle usage and availability of construction materials over time. The condition of the road network can have serious implications for road safety, freight efficiency and the NSW economy. That is why we spend well over $1 billion a year on road maintenance.

Roads and Maritime is responsible for maintaining:

  • 18,028 kilometres of Roads and Maritime managed State Roads including 4,315 kilometres of the National Network for which the Australian Government provides a funding contribution and 147 kilometres of privately funded toll roads
  • 2970 kilometres of RMS managed Regional and Local Roads in the Unincorporated Area of NSW
  • 5071 bridges and 9 car ferries, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge
  • 22 road tunnels.

Federal funding is also allocated to maintain National Land Transport Network routes.

Roads and Maritime also provides financial assistance to local councils to manage 18,257 km of Regional Roads and to a limited extent, local roads, through funding and other support.

Bridges for the Bush

The NSW Government's Bridges for the Bush initiative is a commitment to improve road freight productivity by replacing or upgrading bridges over the next five years at 17 key locations in regional NSW. For more information, visit the Bridges for the Bush page.

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