Road network responsibility

The NSW road network is around 184,859 km in length. Roads and Maritime Services is responsible for the management of 18,028 km of the major arterial road network in NSW, known as State Roads.

Roads and Maritime Services provides funding assistance to councils for managing their regional roads (18,257 km) and, to a limited extent, local roads through funding and other support.

Additionally Roads and Maritime Services manages approximately 2,970 km of regional and local roads in the far west of NSW, where there is no council.

Generally, apart from freeways, Councils own and manage the land on all public roads.

Roads and Maritime Services is responsible for managing the full width of the road reserve on those State Roads which are designated as freeways.

Roads and Maritime Services responsibility for managing other state roads focuses on network development, building and maintaining roads, but only in relation to the carriageway and associated roadway elements necessary in order to make provision for the state significance of the route.

What is road maintenance?

  • Fixing potholes, rough patches and broken edges.
  • Recoating bitumen and concrete surfaces.
  • Rebuilding sections or parts of roads and bridges.
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