Kings Highway

Kings Highway

The Kings Highway is the main east-west road between Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast and the ACT. The Highway is 137 kilometres long and links towns and cities such as Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Braidwood, Nelligen and Batemans Bay.

Latest news

NOV 2020

NOV 2020Clyde Mountain slope stabilisation work complete

Slope stabilisation work has been completed on the Kings Highway at Clyde Mountain.

All lanes have been reopened and speed limits have been reinstated.

OCT 2020

OCT 2020Weekday night closure of the Kings Highway at Clyde Mountain

Transport for NSW will carry out essential maintenance work on the Clyde Mountain including slope stabilisation in response to recent rainfall.

The Kings Highway at Clyde Mountain will be closed in both directions at night between 6pm and 6am, Monday to Thursday for about three weeks from 12 October, weather permitting.

Work will also be carried out in the day between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Thursday and 6am and 12pm on Fridays.

Detours for light vehicles will be via the Princes Highway and Nerriga Road and are expected to add up to 75 minutes to journeys.

Detours for heavy vehicles will be via the Princes Highway, Picton Road, the Hume Highway and Snowy Mountains Highway and are expected to add up to 3.5 hours to journey.

During day time work hours, traffic control, lane closures and a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h will be in place for the safety of workers and motorists. Delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected.

The road will be open from 12pm (midday) on Fridays until 6am on Mondays to allow for weekend traffic.

For the latest traffic updates, you can call 132 701, visit the Live Traffic NSW website or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

Thank you for your patience while we carry out this essential work.

Project information

The Kings Highway is the only direct east-west route connecting the ACT with the NSW South Coast. Alternative routes via Nowra to the north (using the Hume and Princes highways) or, Cooma to the south (using the Monaro and Princes highways) are much longer, adding an additional 300 kilometres to a one-way trip.

The Kings Highway is the only transport corridor serving the Queanbeyan to Batemans Bay corridor.

In 2012 the NSW Centre for Road Safety and Roads and Maritime carried out a road safety review of the Kings Highway between the Princes Highway roundabout at Batemans Bay and the eastern most part of the ACT border just south of Bungendore. The Kings Highway Safety Review was finalised and released in March 2013, with recommendations for a combination of engineering, behavioural and police enforcement programs.

The NSW government has provided $25m for safety improvements along the Kings Highway. Roads and Maritime worked with the NSW Centre for Road Safety, Eurobodalla Shire Council and Palerang Shire Council to identify, plan and construct the safety improvements.

Projects in planning

In 2011, Roads and Maritime identified deterioration of the reinforced concrete piles under the bridge during routine inspections. Structural engineers have assessed the strength of the bridge and found it is still able to safely carry normal highway loads, but will deteriorate over time. The bridge will require significant future maintenance. Options for repair or replacement were investigated.

The project will replace the existing Nelligen Bridge, building a new bridge upstream of the existing bridge to ensure a safe and reliable crossing of the Clyde River, and to improve safety and efficiency on the Kings Highway.

Detailed design is about to start and will be displayed for information in mid to late 2018.
Construction of the new bridge is anticipated to start in 2019 with the project expected to open to traffic in late 2020. Once the new bridge is open to traffic, the old bridge will be removed.

For more information visit the Nelligen Bridge page.

Roads and Maritime is reviewing two sections of the highway on either side of Braidwood. They are:

  • 3.8kms of road east of Monkittee Street, east of Braidwood
  • 1.8kms of road between Nerriga Road and Deloraine Lane, north of Braidwood.

A range of road safety hazards have been identified on these lengths of road. Roadside hazards in these areas include trees, drains and parts of Mona Creek where it is close to the road. Roads and Maritime is investigating ways in which this section of highway can be improved.

For more information visit the Braidwood roadside hazards page.

Projects completed


2017River Forest Road to Mongarlowe River

Roads and Maritime engaged Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council to realign 4.1 kilometres of the road to improve safety on the highway between River Forest Road and the Mongarlowe River, south east of Braidwood. As part of this work a number of trees were removed to make room for the new alignment which includes an overtaking lane, widened road shoulders and a roadside safety barrier. Work started in July 2015 and was completed in November 2017.

River Forest Road

2016East of Nelligen

Roads and Maritime engaged Eurobodalla Shire Council to realign 1.2 kilometres of the road to improve safety on the highway from Old Nelligen Road towards Batemans Bay on the Kings Highway east of Nelligen. The work also included widening the road shoulders and installing safety barriers. Work started in June 2015 and was completed in August 2016.

Old Nelligen Road

2016Misty Mountain

Roads and Maritime engaged Eurobodalla Shire Council to widen a 500m stretch of the road at Misty Mountain, about 19 kilometres north west of Nelligen. Vegetation was also removed to improve line of sight for motorists and to widen the road, while a guardrail was installed on the side of the road to improve safety for motorists. Work started in late April 2015 and was completed in March 2016.


2015East of Shoalhaven River

Roads and Maritime engaged Palerang Shire Council to build an overtaking lane, widen the shoulder and remove roadside hazards to improve safety for motorists along 1.6km of the highway east of the Shoalhaven River. Work started in mid 2014 and was completed in July 2015.

Kings Highway east of Shoalhaven River

2015Police Enforcement Bay, Captains Flat

Roads and Maritime engaged Queanbeyan City Council to build a police enforcement site at Captains Flat for speed and drink drive enforcement. This site will also be used by Roads and Maritime vehicle regulation inspectors checking heavy vehicles travelling to Canberra and Queanbeyan. Work on this site was completed June 2015.

Kings Highway at Captains Flat

2014Clyde Mountain

Work was completed in September 2014 to stabilise the slope at Clyde Mountain. In 2015 further safety improvements included resurfacing the road and installing guardrails to protect motorists from hazards.

Rock slide on Clyde Mountain

2014East of Larbert Road

Work was completed in June 2014 to improve safety by realigning the curve of the road, widen the shoulder and improve the road surface.

Kings Highway east of Larbert Road


Work was completed in June 2014 to widen the shoulder, improve road surface, and extend the overtaking lane at Doughboy, as well as to upgrade the Police enforcement bay.

Doughbay guardrails

Additional completed projects

Bungendore and Braidwood local traffic study

In conjunction with Palerang Council, Roads and Maritime Services prepared a local traffic study to identify safety and amenity improvements for the local communities in Braidwood and Bungendore.

Construction of a pedestrian facility with central refuge islands on the highway (Malbon Street) at Ellendon Street was completed in July 2015.

Clear zone hazard management

Safety improvements along the length of the highway include installation of guardrails to protect motorists from hazards, and clearing and removal of vegetation to improve site distance for motorists.

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