Intersection improvements on Kingsway and Elouera Road, Cronulla

The NSW Government is funding the upgrade of the intersection of Kingsway and Elouera Road, Cronulla, as part of its $100 million Congestion and Safety Program. The program aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key road corridors.

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FEB 2020

FEB 2020Work commences

Work is now complete on improvements to the roadway and the intersection of Kingsway and Elouera Road, Cronulla, is now open to traffic. The additional right-turn lane is operational and is allowing more vehicles to clear the intersection with each traffic light phase.

These changes were designed to reduce congestion and delays on Elouera Road.

The new, dedicated cycle lane through the intersection is also complete and operational. This lane links to existing cycle routes on Elouera Road and Gerrale Street.

Minor works remain to be completed in Peryman Square. These will re-start in March 2020 and the project will be handed over to Sutherland Shire Council, which intends to refurbish the Square.


Project information

We are widening Elouera Road on the approach to its intersection with Kingsway, to add a new right‑turn‑only lane. When the work is complete, around seven extra cars will be able to fit in the new lane, which will increase capacity at this intersection.

This will reduce congestion for both turning traffic and though traffic onto Gerrale Street.

The widening will also allow us to establish a dedicated cycle-lane through the intersection, which will link Sutherland Shire Council’s existing cycle routes on Elouera Road and Gerrale Street.

In December 2018 we relocated two accessible parking spaces on Elouera Road, constructed a new, safer pram ramp across Elouera Road and surfaced an area of Kingsway, eastbound.

Our work will not affect access to the Bali Memorial.

  • Duplicating the right turn lane from Elouera Road into Kingsway
  • Installing an on-road cycle lane to connect Elouera Road with the existing Gerrale Street cycle lane to facilitate active transport in the area
  • Adjusting the kerb and pram ramps opposite the Peryman Square entrance to improve pedestrian safety
  • Moving two accessible parking spaces further north towards Mitchell Road, where they link with existing pedestrian footpaths headed down towards the beach
  • Removing up to 15 parking spaces on the southbound lane on Elouera Road to allow for road widening work
  • Relocation of the traffic lights at the entrance of Peryman Square
  • Establishing the new Peryman Square entrance
  • Road resurfacing, linemarking and asphalting.
  • Reduce congestion and improve travel times for vehicles turning right from Elouera Road into the Kingsway
  • Reduce the impact of right-turn queuing on through‑lane traffic
  • Provide safe, active transport links for cyclists and walkers.

Between 1 September and the end of December 2019, we’ll be on site up to six days a week for 40 shifts from Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6pm, and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays.

We will also work up to five nights a week for 60 shifts, between 8pm and 5am from Sunday to Thursday. We will not work on public holidays.

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