LH Ford Bridge strengthening

LH Ford Bridge strengthening

Construction of two new piers within the Macquarie River to support drop in span.

This work is part of Dubbo road projects - Building a better Dubbo - Road work, that works for you.

Updates and announcements

MAY 2020

MAY 2020Work completed

The LH Ford Bridge strengthening project has now been completed with all scaffolding removed from the two new support piers as well as site remediation work being completed.

In March a major project milestone was reached with the LH Ford Bridge now open to Higher Mass Limit (HML) heavy vehicles up to 68 tonnes.

Work included the construction of two new piers in the Macquarie River and strengthening work to extend the life of the 613-metre bridge. The existing sag in the bridge will remain; however, the strengthening work will reduce further sagging.

Project information

Cost: $10 million



The LH Ford Bridge is a 613m long reinforced concrete bridge which was first opened to the public in 1969. At the time the bridge was the fourth longest highway bridge in NSW. The bridge is nearly 50 years old and needs significant maintenance work in order to maintain the design life of this important bridge.



  • increase the life of LH Ford Bridge
  • improve safety for all road users
  • increase efficiency of the road network
  • reduce maintenance costs.


What we are doing:

The project involves the construction of two new piers within the Macquarie River to support the drop in span.


How we are doing it:

  • building two new piers, one either side of the river
  • repair cracking in the concrete next to the bridge bearings
  • stop further long term movements in the waterway span
  • upgrade the bridge to take Higher Mass Limit (HML) vehicles.


When we are doing it:

  • November 2018 - construction commenced
  • Early 2020 - completion.

Project documents

Project notifications

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February 2020 work notification

Temporary closure of LH Ford Bridge, Dubbo.

August 2019 work notification

Changed traffic conditions on the LH Ford Bridge, Dubbo.


Media releases

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1 April 2020

LH Ford Bridge work complete

December 2019

LH Ford Bridge waterway re-opens just in time for summer.

November 2018

LH Ford strengthening project to start in coming weeks.



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