Aerial view of M4 motorway

M4 Smart Motorway project

The NSW Government is investing $600 million to build the M4 Smart Motorway project, which will introduce intelligent technology to the M4 Motorway between Pitt Street, Parramatta and Mulgoa Road, Penrith.

Latest news

NOV 2020

NOV 2020M4SM Trial begins

The M4 Smart Motorway will begin a trial period starting from Monday 23 November. The trial is expected run until mid December with all parts of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) being switched on in stages to allow motorists time to get familiar with new driving conditions. There will be a number of new features that motorists need to be aware of in order to drive safely and efficiently. See details of all the new motorway features.

SEP 2020

SEP 2020Final testing

Transport is conducting the final tests for the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) along the M4 Motorway. This will ensure that all infrastructure, lights and ramp meters will be ready for the trial to begin late 2020.

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