M5 Motorway westbound traffic upgrade – from Moorebank Avenue to Hume Highway

The NSW Government is planning to ease congestion and improve safety on the M5 Motorway for motorists travelling westbound between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway.

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JUL 2020

JUL 2020Community Consultation Report

Transport for NSW is progressing with plans to improve the M5 Motorway for motorists travelling westbound.

Thank you to all those who have made a submission on the recommended design for the upgrade. After considering the feedback, Transport for NSW has prepared a community consultation report (PDF, 2.29Mb). The community consultation report (PDF, 2.29Mb) is now available and the community is invited to view it.

Transport for NSW will continue to provide the community with updates throughout the project.

If you have any questions, please contact the project team on 1800 519 525 during business hours or email m5moorebank@rms.nsw.gov.au.

Project information

Motorists travelling westbound on the M5 Motorway through Moorebank currently experience traffic congestion in the afternoon peak. This is caused by traffic entering the motorway westbound at Moorebank Avenue, and merging with traffic already on the motorway that is looking to exit at Hume Highway. Increasing heavy vehicles travelling from the Moorebank Intermodal Park will also add to the congestion.

Transport for NSW has identified a design to upgrade the M5 Motorway westbound in this area to reduce congestion and improve the surrounding road network efficiency. The recommended design would include the following:

  • A new two lane bridge over Georges River and the T2, T3 and T5 railway lines, connecting the M5 Motorway and Moorebank Avenue to the Hume Highway
  • A new underpass at Moorebank Avenue for traffic exiting the M5 Motorway at Hume Highway
  • A new shared exit with Moorebank Avenue for traffic wishing to exit the M5 Motorway at Hume Highway
  • Closing the existing exit from the M5 Motorway to Hume Highway between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway.
  • Provide a reliable road network to support economic and residential growth in western Sydney
  • Reduce congestion by removing the traffic weave
  • Improve safety and access to the Liverpool CBD
  • Provide pedestrian and cyclist connection across the Georges River.
  • Provide efficient, reliable travel between the Moorebank Intermodal Park and the state road network
  • Support the M5 Motorway as the key gateway for south‑west Sydney
  • Improve traffic flow across Georges River.

An options report (PDF, 5.69Mb) explaining the process for selecting the recommended design was prepared. Consultation on the recommended design was held between 16 December 2019 and 21 February 2020. After considering the feedback, a consultation report (PDF, 2.29Mb) has been prepared. The contract for the concept design and review of environmental factors has been awarded and design work is now under way.

Project documents

Project notifications

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October 2020 project notification

Investigation work as part of the M5 Westbound upgrade between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway from Monday 2 November

July 2020 project notification

Plans progressing on M5 Motorway westbound, Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway upgrade.

August 2019 project notification

Day and night work on M5 Motorway, Hume Highway and Moorebank Avenue from Tuesday 13August 2019.


Community updates

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December 2019 community update

Have your say - recommended design.



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July 2020 community consultation report

M5 Motorway Westbound Traffic upgrade.

December 2019 options report

M5 Motorway Westbound Traffic upgrade.



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Phone: 1800 519 525

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