Briner Bridge upgrade

The NSW Government is funding plans to upgrade Briner Bridge, near the village of Tucabia.

Updates and announcements

The community was invited to comment in November 2018 on the review of environmental factors for the proposed work to upgrade Briner Bridge, near Tucabia.

Feedback on the REF and design is being considered and a submissions report will be published soon. Once the project is approved, Roads and Maritime will complete the design and prepare for construction, subject to funding.

Project background

Briner Bridge, which was built in 1908, is a Dare truss bridge located between the villages of Ulmarra and Tucabia on Coldstream Terrace. The single span bridge crosses the Upper Coldstream River and is one of six operable Dare truss bridges and one of two single-span Dare truss bridges in NSW.

In 2012, following stakeholder and community consultation, Roads and Maritime Services finalised a strategy for the sustainable conservation of heritage timber truss bridges. It was proposed 26 of those timber truss bridges would be retained, including Briner Bridge.

Read more about the timber truss strategy and Briner Bridge.

Restoring the bridge

To improve Briner Bridge’s longevity and reduce future maintenance costs, Roads and Maritime is developing plans to upgrade the structure.

In developing plans to restore the bridge, Roads and Maritime is working closely with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to ensure the bridge’s heritage features are retained.

Briner Bridge upgrade review of environmental factors

October 2018

Biodiversity assessment

October 2018

Microbat management report

October 2018

Socio-economic report

October 2018

Statement of Heritage Impacts

October 2018

Noise and vibration assessment

October 2018

Project update

November 2018

Project update

September 2017

Project update

April 2017

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