Colemans Bridge

The NSW Government funds the ongoing maintenance of Colemans Bridge, over Leycester Creek in Lismore, to ensure safety and improve the journey of road users and pedestrians.

Updates and announcements

To ensure the heritage-listed bridge continues servicing the community and to reduce maintenance needs in the future, Roads and Maritime Services proposes to carry out bridge strengthening and maintenance.

The community was invited to provide feedback on the project’s Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 14.1Mb) (REF) during July. The REF was prepared to determine the environmental and social impacts of the Colemans Bridge maintenance project and ways to minimise these impacts.

The project team is now considering the feedback we received and a submissions report will be prepared.


Colemans Bridge, which was built in 1908, is a Dare truss bridge located in the Lismore CBD. The bridge is approached by Union Street (to the south-west) and Bridge Street (to the north) and in combination with Fawcett Bridge, provides an important link between the Lismore CBD and South Lismore, as well as allied townships and farmland to the south and west.

The central twin-cylinder wrought and cast iron pier, constructed c.1884, was part of the previous bridge that was removed. Colemans Bridge is of State heritage significance and is a rare and representative example of a Dare-type truss bridge. The bridge also exhibits less common features of Dare-type truss bridges, including the abovementioned central iron piers, which combined with having two-lanes, footways, and long spans, represents a level of technical significance according to heritage listing descriptions.

In 2012, following stakeholder and community consultation, Roads and Maritime Services finalised a strategy for the sustainable conservation of heritage timber truss bridges. It was proposed 26 of those timber truss bridges would be retained, including Colemans Bridge.

Read more about the timber truss strategy and Briner Bridge.

Colemans Bridge maintenance

Roads and Maritime is developing plans to carry out strengthening and maintenance on the bridge.

The project is expected to start in the second half of 2019 and will include:

  • Re-stressing of the stress laminated timber (SLT) deck
  • Replacing the bridge road surface
  • Repairing the walkway
  • Strengthening of the top chord of the bridge
  • Replacing the traffic barrier
  • Repairing localised steel bottom chord corrosion
  • Repairing the timber trestle pier
  • Repainting of the bridge to restore the appropriate heritage bridge colours.

A review of environmental factors (REF) for the project is being developed and will be displayed for community feedback.


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