Community engagement

Planning is underway for a new bridge to improve conditions on the Princes Highway over the Shoalhaven River at Nowra. Planning is focused on a location to the west (upstream) and as close as possible to the existing crossing. Once open, highway traffic would be transferred off the old Nowra Bridge.

Community information

During October, November and December 2014 the project team held information displays at a number of locations and events to talk about possible outcomes for the Old Nowra Bridge.

The possible outcomes included:

  • Retaining it
  • Relocating it (whole or in parts)
  • Removing it

An online survey was also set up to gather feedback. Over 1800 people came to our community information sessions and almost 700 people completed the online survey. We also received a number of mailed submissions.

This feedback was reviewed and is summarised in the Nowra Bridge project consultation summary.

The Old Nowra Bridge is listed on a number of different heritage registers as having both local and state significance. It is listed on the Roads and Maritime Services Section 170 Heritage and Conservation Register.

Roads and Maritime Services would need to notify the Heritage Council of any significant change to the structure, including changes to its use or removal. For more information on the old Nowra Bridge’s historical significance please see the latest.

Community ‘drop in’ sessions were held in late 2013 to introduce the community to the project and seek their feedback on potential options. A Consultation Report outlining the issues and questions raised as part of the consultation in 2013 is available on the projects document page. This information was used to help select the five site options assessed at the value management workshop and will continue to help shape future planning.

The value management workshop (held on 22 May 2014) recommended Roads and Maritime focus planning for a new river crossing immediately west (upstream) of the existing bridges (Option B). There was some support for a new bridge immediately downstream (Option D) to be further developed as a contingency in the event that a design solution for Option B cannot be achieved. The workshop also recommended Roads and Maritime ensure the project address traffic concerns at the intersections at Bolong Road, Illaroo Road and Bridge Road.

In June 2014, Roads and Maritime went to the community to discuss the outcomes of the value management workshop, ask for feedback on the recommended Option B and to identify any issues which should be considered during the next stage of the project development process.

Roads and Maritime received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community about the recommendation to locate a new river crossing immediately west of the existing bridges (Option B).

Information stands were held at Stockland Nowra Shopping Centre, and the project team discussed the workshop process and outcomes with over 950 community members. Through conversations with the project team there was clear support and understanding for the need of a new crossing immediately to the west. Many community members suggested that a long term plan to bypass Nowra was also required for the future to accommodate growth in the area.

Almost all of the people who visited the stand felt that the project needed to address the congestion around the intersections on the bridge approaches.

The community were also invited to participate in an online survey to provide feedback about the workshop recommendations and to identify any issues that they believed Roads and Maritime should consider during the next stage of the project development process.

Roads and Maritime received a total of 450 responses, the majority of which were aware of and supported Option B. However, it is noted that there was some level of support for all options.

Other key issues that were raised by the survey and during the post workshop community and stakeholder engagement included:

  • The project should address traffic issues at the intersections at Bolong Road, Illaroo Road and Bridge Road / Pleasant Way
  • A rail component should be incorporated into any future river crossing
  • The new crossing should make better provision for pedestrians and cyclists than the existing bridges
  • The historic value of the existing iron truss bridge is important to the community and it should be retained for social use
  • Maintenance costs are too high and the existing iron truss bridge should be removed
  • Urban growth in the Nowra area should be considered when planning a new river crossing.

Community feedback was essential for Roads and Maritime when making a final recommendation of the preferred location.

More information about the selection of the recommended site, value management workshop and community feedback, can be found in the site options development report on the project documents page.

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