Artist's impression of the Olympic Highway intersection upgrade

Olympic Highway intersection upgrades

Transport for NSW is developing a project to improve Olympic Highway intersections at Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street.

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DEC 2020

DEC 2020Videos explain preferred options

A new series of short videos explain how Wagga Wagga traffic engineers arrived at the best solution to improve safety and traffic flow at the Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street intersections with the Olympic Highway.

AUG 2020

AUG 2020Preferred options announced

The preferred options have been announced for the intersection upgrades at Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street.

Traffic lights and additional lane capacity are features of the preferred options, which were found to be the safest and most efficient choices for both locations.

As part of the project, the roundabout at Travers Street will be removed and the intersection moved to the south, while the merge lane on the Olympic Highway at Old Narrandera will also be removed

Transport for NSW’s call for feedback in June 2019 revealed overwhelming support for the installation of traffic lights at these locations.

We investigated 15 options for Old Narrandera Road and 12 options for Travers Street, considering future growth, safety and efficiency while also taking into account their impacts on the surrounding environment and road network.

View or download the preferred options report, attachments A and B and Frequently asked questions:

Old Narrandera Road T-intersection with traffic lights.
Old Narrandera Road T-intersection with traffic lights.
Travers Street T-intersection with traffic lights.
Travers Street T-intersection with traffic lights.

Community consultation

Transport for NSW invited feedback on Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street intersections in June 2019.

The feedback period has now closed, however, you can read the comments gathered via the interactive online tool by clicking on the community consultation map.

A community consultation report is now available, summarising all matters raised during the call for community feedback.

For further information about how the community's feedback was used to help our decisions on the preferred options, watch this video.

Project information

The Olympic Highway through Wagga Wagga provides an important regional and local link from suburbs north of the Murrumbidgee River, Bomen Freight Hub and Charles Sturt University to services in Wagga Wagga via the two-lane, two-way Gobbagombalin Bridge.

Traffic growth as a result of increased land development to the north of Wagga Wagga is placing increasing pressure on the intersections of Travers Street and Old Narrandera Road, either side of the bridge.

Transport for NSW is investigating road and intersection upgrades at the Olympic Highway intersections with Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street and widening the Sturt Highway to four lanes over Marshall’s Creek in Wagga Wagga.

The objective of the Olympic Highway project at Old Narrandera Road and Travers Street is to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Improve access between northern growth areas and services in Wagga Wagga
  • Improve travel time and reduce delays for commuters and freight travelling on this section of the Olympic Highway
  • Support future residential growth in the Wagga Wagga area.

While Gobbagombalin Bridge is not being considered as part of this work, the proposed intersection upgrades will improve safety, access and traffic efficiency for this increasingly busy area.

Our investigations have shown that traffic lights provide the best immediate improvements to road safety at this intersection. Traffic lights improve access between the northern growth areas and the services in Wagga Wagga, and have the potential to be modified to suit expansion of the Olympic Highway in the future if required.

Traffic lights would allow motorists to safely turn out of Old Narrandera Road on to the Olympic Highway. Traffic lights at this intersection would also be able to be phased to ensure traffic flows on the Olympic Highway are prioritised. This ensures efficiency of the network in this part of Wagga is optimised.

For further information on why a roundabout at Old Narrandera Road was not considered the best option, watch this video.

For further information on why a grade-separated interchange was not considered the best option, watch this video.

For further information on why traffic lights are the preferred option for Travers Street intersection, watch this video.

Investigative work into the road surface, soil subsurface and placement of utilities will be carried out in early 2021.

The next stage of the project will be to further refine the intersection designs and develop the environmental assessment.

We will continue to keep the community updated as the project progresses.

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August 2020

Traffic lights to boost safety on Olympic Highway



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