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Picton Road safety improvements

Picton Road is a 37 kilometre transport corridor linking the Illawarra Region with Sydney, the South West and Greater Macarthur Priority Growth areas.

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JUL 2019

JUL 2019Safety barrier work completed

Roads and Maritime Services has completed work installing more than 600 metres in median safety barriers on Picton Road.

The NSW Government provided $1.3 million to improve safety with funding from the Safer Roads Program.

The section of road recently upgraded is between 1.3 kilometres and 2.2 kilometres west of the Cordeaux Colliery entrance and includes new median safety barriers, widened centre lines and audio tactile line marking.

The barriers will help reduce the likelihood of head on crashes at this site, which has had a poor crash history.

Traffic now merges on a straight section of road where motorists have improved visibility, which is another positive safety outcome.

Roads and Maritime is currently developing further road safety improvements on Picton Road as part of an additional $200,000 allocation under the Saving Lives on Country Roads program.

We would like to thank the motorists and community for their patience during this important safety work.

Project information

Roads and Maritime Services, TfNSW and the Department of Planning are working together to identify priorities and further potential improvements along the Picton Road corridor including safety improvements and capacity upgrades.

In the 10 years from 2006 to 2016 traffic volumes on Picton Road, east of the Hume Motorway have grown from 13,510 to 24,056 vehicles each day. From 2007 to 2018 traffic volumes on Picton Road west of Mt Keira Road have grown from 11,084 to 20,032 vehicles each day.

Around 3400 heavy vehicles use Picton Road daily, including around 470 B-Doubles.

The Australian and NSW Governments have funded over $60 million in safety improvements on Picton Road since 2010, with the number of crashes falling by almost 25 per cent in recent years and the incidence of head-on crashes falling by almost 80 per cent.

Safety improvements include:

  • Installing median safety barriers
  • Upgrading interchange with Hume Motorway and installing traffic signals
  • Installing acceleration lanes from rest areas
  • Shoulder and centre lane widening
  • Building a fauna underpass and fauna fencing
  • Audio tactile line marking
  • Upgrading the westbound rest area
  • Improved safety for heavy vehicles accessing the rest areas
  • Improved freight efficiency and improved travel times for all motorists
  • Improved safety for all road users by reducing the risk of head on and run off road crashes
  • Wildlife protection and safer crossing points.

You can see details of the previous projects on Picton Road on the completed projects page.

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