Traffic on Box Road at the intersection

Intersection improvements at Princes Highway and Box Road, Sylvania

Transport for NSW’s (Transport) Gateway to the South Pinch Points Program aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key southern road and bus corridors. The program is linked to the NSW Government’s roadmap to deliver the state’s future transport network, the Future Transport Strategy 2056. This acknowledges the vital role transport plays in the land use, tourism and economic development of towns and cities.

Project information

Transport is proposing improvements at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Box Road, Sylvania. The work on Box Road will involve road widening (within the road reserve) to provide turning lanes for improved access onto the highway, including a signalised pedestrian crossing across Box Road (east).

The proposed intersection improvements would reduce delays for bus customers and motorists, while improving safety and pedestrian access.

The intersection is serviced mainly by bus route 970 and also some local bus services.

To reduce delays and improve bus travel time reliability through the intersection, we are proposing to widen Box Road to the east and west of the intersection with the Princes Highway.

This will allow for new dedicated turn lanes to be provided, which will increase the capacity and efficiency of the intersection. The proposed works include:

  • Providing dedicated right turn lanes for buses and general traffic on Box Road (east and west).
  • Providing a dedicated left turn on Box Road (east), which will involve driveway and service road modifications.
  • Improved pedestrian facilities, including a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Box Road (east).

This also includes adjustments to the existing pedestrian crossings across the highway and Box Road (west).

  • Service road access changes will include a new kerb ramp on the north-east corner of the intersection and a pedestrian crossing at the south-east corner of the intersection.
  • Trimming the concrete median on the highway north and south of the intersection and re-construction of the median on Box Road (east).
  • Relocation of underground utilities due to the road widening required in the road reserve.
  • Banning vehicle exit onto Box Road from the service road at the south-east of the intersection.
  • Reduced congestion and more reliable travel times for buses and general traffic, particularly during peak periods.
  • Improved intersection capacity and efficiency with new right turn lanes on both sides of Box Road onto the highway and a new left turn lane on Box Road (east) onto the highway.
  • Improved travel time reliability for buses that travel through the intersection from Box Road (east) onto and off the highway.
  • Improved safety of the intersection for pedestrians, including a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Box Road (east) as well as improved access across the service road.

Our public consultation ended on 6 April 2020. We are considering the feedback received and we are preparing a report that outlines the matters raised and our responses. We will publish the report on this webpage. We will update the community in future as the project progresses.

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