Princes Highway and Island Point Road intersection

Princes Highway and Island Point Road intersection improvements at Tomerong

We are planning a roundabout at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Island Point Road in Tomerong to improve safety, traffic efficiency and connectivity around the Bay and Basin area. The NSW Government has committed $960 million to upgrading the Princes Highway south of Nowra. We are committed to maintaining the Princes Highway while the upgrade is in development, including the delivery of the Princes Highway and Island Point Road intersection upgrade.

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JAN 2020

JAN 2020Jan 2020 Community submissions received

Submissions feedback has now been received and feedback provided is being reviewed by the project team. Submissions feedback was gathered until Monday 7 October 2019.

Transport for NSW is considering all feedback and preparing a submissions report explaining how it will help shape the next stages of the project.

This report will be available in coming months and early work and site establishment is expected to start in mid-2020, following recovery efforts from the recent Bushfire crisis.

For further information contact the project team via email, phone 1800 975 333 or mail PO Box 477, Wollongong NSW 2500.

Project information

The team is considering all feedback and will prepare a report explaining how it helped shape the next stages of the project.

Once the project is approved, early work is expected to start later this year, following recovery efforts from the recent Bushfire crisis.

We will continue to update the community as the project progresses.

In recent years, the intersection has seen increased traffic volume due to a growth in residential development and tourist visitation in and around the Bay and Basin area.  We have recently carried out a range of works aimed at improving safety and efficiency on this section of the highway including:

  • In 2015, extended the median to improve visibility for motorists turning out of Island Point Road.
  • Reduced speed limit to 80km/h as a result, resulting in fewer traffic conflicts
  • Ongoing investigation work including traffic modelling, design options, geotechnical survey and environmental assessments
  • Consultation with the community. Key concerns raised were driver behaviour, speed and visibility issues and geometry of the intersection.
  • Following community consultation, we carried out more options assessments and traffic modelling before finalising the preferred design.

Roads and Maritime sought feedback from the local community regarding the intersection.

327 responses were received, revealing that

  • Key concerns raised by the community were driver behaviour, speed, visibility and geometry of the intersection
  • 60% of responses reported they had or had seen others experiencing difficulty using the intersection, turning right out of Island Point Road was identified as the movement causing the most concern
  • 56% of responses proposed intersection improvements. These included adjusted turning movements, installation of a roundabout and improved line marking

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for taking the time to provide their feedback.

The community will have the opportunity to provide further feedback on the project when the Review of Environmental Factors is released for consultation in 2019.

Following community feedback, Roads and Maritime considered several upgrade options for this intersection, including the introduction of traffic lights, reconfiguring the existing intersection and a flyover or overpass.

An options assessment and traffic modelling was then undertaken, identifying a roundabout with a free-flowing northbound lane as the preferred option. 

Traffic calming, line marking and improved signage and increased lighting will also be installed at the intersection.  

Installing a roundabout at this location is aimed at:

  • treating the severity and incidence of crashes at the intersection
  • Managing approaching speeds
  • reducing the number of potential points of conflict for road users and queue lengths, and improving traffic flow and intersection performance.

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August 2019 review of environmental factors report

Island Point Road Roundabout Installation


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September 2019 community update

Island Point Road Intersection upgrade



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Phone: 1800 975 333


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