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Rickard Road upgrade

Rickard Road between Bringelly Road, Leppington and Oran Park Drive, Catherine Fields is proposed to be upgraded. Roads and Maritime Services are currently investigating an upgrade for the section between Heath Road and Springfield Road. The proposed upgrade aims to improve the connectivity to the South West Priority Growth Area.

The proposed upgrade will include a corridor of 34.9 metres with dedicated bus lanes in each direction and active transport facilities to encourage walking and cycling.

Project information

The South West Priority Growth Area (SWPGA) in Sydney is experiencing significant growth that will see it evolving into a key centre of the Greater Sydney region.

New community precincts in the SWPGA such as Oran Park, Turner Road, East Leppington, Austral, Leppington North, Edmondson Park and Catherine Fields are being developed to meet the housing needs. To support the expected growth, the NSW Government is funding major infrastructure development in the area including Camden Valley Way, Bringelly Road, The Northern Road and the South West Rail Link.

Rickard Road between Bringelly Road, Leppington and Oran Park Drive, Catherine Fields is planned as a key north-south transport link in the SWPGA.

Rickard Road consists of a 2.4km section of existing road which is proposed to be upgraded to include bus lanes, on-road parking lanes, active transport facilities and one lane for light vehicles in each direction from Bringelly Road to Ingleburn Road. Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) has engaged Camden Council to complete the development from Bringelly Road to Ingleburn Road. A further section from Ingleburn Road to Heath Road is also to be awarded to Camden Council to develop.

An extension of Rickard Road to the south between Ingleburn Road and Springfield Road is proposed to be upgraded to a 34.9m wide carriageway including bus lanes, active transport, such as shared paths for cyclist and pedestrians, landscaping and potentially two lanes in each direction for light vehicles.

On behalf of DPIE, Roads and Maritime is investigating the upgrade of the section from Heath Road to Springfield Road. Once complete, the corridor will pass through Catherine Fields and Leppington. The remaining section from Springfield Road to Oran Park Drive is being completed by adjacent developers under Camden Council’s management

The following are the project objectives for the Rickard Road corridor:

  • Provide a consistent and reliable journey experience along the corridor between Bringelly Road and Oran Park Drive for all customers in particular public transport customers.
  • Provide a corridor that is safe for all users.
  • Reduce travel times between Bringelly and Oran Park / Narellan.
  • Facilitate bus movement along and across the network, linking existing and new strategic and local centres such as the Leppington Major Centre.
  • Support local and State economic growth.

The development of Rickard Road, staged with surrounding developments, would have significant benefits including:

  • Connecting the public transport network to Edmondson Avenue from Rickard Road.
  • Connecting communities through a new high quality corridor.
  • Increase connectivity, facilities and improve environmental conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Facilitate economic development.
  • Support population growth in South Western Sydney.
  • Improve road safety for all road users.
  • Reduce congestion for all road users through increased capacity on the network.
  • Improve journey times and journey time reliability between Bringelly Road and Oran Park Drive.

The early planning of the proposed road corridor will facilitate appropriate planning of adjacent development and future transport networks.

Roads and Maritime Services is currently in the early planning stages for the project, we are committed to consult with the community as the project progresses and further information becomes available.

Rickard Road map

View or download the proposed Rickard Road upgrade map.

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