Snowy Mountains Highway safety improvements

Snowy Mountains Highway safety improvements

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Project information

Transport for NSW (Transport) is working with Snowy Hydro to deliver a number of upgrades to roads throughout the snowy mountains area which will help improve safety and efficiency for all motorists ahead of an increase in heavy vehicles needed for the Snowy 2.0 project.

These upgrades are currently underway and will mostly be complete before winter this year. They include a number of slow vehicle turn out lanes on the Snowy Mountains Highway and upgrades to intersections along the route between the proposed batch plant in Cooma and the Snowy 2.0 site.

Turn out lanes are short stretches of wider wide roadway or additional lanes to provide slow moving vehicles enough room to pull-over and allow queued vehicles to safely pass. They are usually located on steep terrain where heavy vehicles travel at low speeds and aim to reduce the desire for motorists to risk carrying out dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

Six turn out lanes are planned for the Snowy Mountains Highway at:

  • Connors Hill
  • Delaneys Creek
  • Eucumbene River
  • National Park Boundary
  • Sawyers Hill
  • Wambrook Hill

Transport will also be carrying out upgrades to intersections on the Monaro and Snowy Mountains highway at the below locations which will improve safety and allow safer movements of large machinery and heavy vehicles

  • Monaro Highway and Polo Flat road intersection – proposed roundabout: Currently under construction
  • Monaro Highway and Sales Yard Road intersection – wider shoulders and Vehicle Activated Sign: Complete
  • Snowy Mountains Highway and Kosciuszko Road intersection – wider shoulders and improved pavement: Currently under construction
  • Snowy Mountains Highway and Russell Lot intersection – wider shoulders, improved curves and additional left turning lane
  • Snowy Mountains Highway and Tantangara Road intersection – wider shoulders, improved alignment, dedicated right turn lane and Vehicle Activated Signage: Currently under construction
  • Snowy Mountains Highway and Link Road intersection – improved line marking and Vehicle Activated signs
  • Snowy Mountains Highway and Marica Trail intersection – wider shoulders and improved road pavement


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