Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project

The $274 million project will build better connections in and around Batemans Bay for motorists, freight, river users, pedestrians and cyclists.
Major work started in early 2019 and is planned to be complete in early 2023.

Aerial view from south - showing T wharf extension
Aerial view from south - showing T wharf extension

Updates and announcements

Urban Design and Foreshore Plan (UDLP)

The plan shows how the new Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project interacts with its wider environment.

While the bridge design and road corridor were finalised when the detailed design was displayed in December 2018, the UDLP focuses on urban design solutions for the community and foreshore areas surrounding the new bridge.

Features of the UDLP have been developed through an integrated urban design approach. This approach encourages continuous refinement throughout the project period.

These features have received further development as part of the detailed design stage, arising from engineering requirements, construction constraints and various approval processes, as well as design modifications as an outcome of the community and stakeholder consultation process, particularly through the community focused Foreshore Advisory Committee.

View the Committee’s summary report (PDF, 260Kb).

The design of each foreshore balances the amount of green and parking spaces, provides more recreational and children's play areas and better access to the river.

There will be opportunities for events, improved landscaping and artistic ways to pay tribute to the existing bridge and local history with a sculptural work and public mural.

An improved t-wharf on the southern foreshore will feature two floating pontoons, one on either side to deliver better access between the river and town and a major increase in mooring length.

View the full Urban Design and Landscape report (PDF, 81.7Mb).

Have your say on foreshore plans

We invite you to provide feedback on the Urban Design and Landscaping Plan, including the designs for the new southern and northern foreshore.

Check out our online interactive map to visualise the features of the new foreshore areas and to have your say via the online survey.

Your feedback will be considered for further design refinements.

View the proposed plans for the northern and southern foreshores.

Major work planned between April and June 2019

Major work on the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement started in late February 2019.

Work planned between July l and September 2019 will include:

  • arrival of the first barge and marine-based piling will begin on the northern side of the river.
  • arrival of the project’s largest crane. This will be mounted on the barge and used to construct the bridge’s piers.
  • start building the concrete bridge segments at the pre-cast facility, south of Mogo
  • ongoing changes to traffic conditions on the Princes Highway and Kings Highway to safely carry out work.
  • building a temporary stretch of road to move the Princes Highway slightly east of the existing bridge so work can start on building the bridge approaches at the existing highway.

Changes to your journey

For the safety of workers and motorists, some traffic changes will be required. For the latest traffic updates call 132 701, visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

  • The eastbound left lane on Kings Highway between the Bay Ridge Drive roundabout and the Princes Highway roundabout will be closed between 3 June and late 2019. Access to the Caltex Service station and pedestrian access along the Kings Highway between Bay Ridge Drive and the existing pedestrian network on the Princes Highway will be maintained at all times.
  • The northbound shoulder of Princes Highway between the existing Batemans Bay Bridge to just north of the intersection of the Princes and Kings highways also will be closed between 3 June and late 2019.
  • The northbound left lane on Princes Highway between Beach Road and Clyde Street will be closed as will the southbound left lane on the Princes Highway between Clyde and North streets between 3 June and late 2019.
  • Access to the Caltex Service station and pedestrian access along the Kings Highway between Bay Ridge Drive and the existing pedestrian network on the Princes Highway will be maintained at all times.
  • From Monday 1 April, northbound and southbound right-hand turning movements from the Princes Highway into Clyde Street and eastbound movements from Clyde Street across the Princes Highway will not be permitted. View or download the that explains detour options.

Changes to river access

  • The project team require use of the Old Punt Road and Clyde Street boat ramps during stages of construction. To provide continuous river access for boat users, we are building a new temporary boat ramp at Korners Park on the northern foreshore of Batemans Bay.
  • The partially-built boat ramp at Korners Park in North Batemans Bay was badly damaged during storms on Tuesday 4 June.
  • Remediation work has commenced and the existing Clyde Street boat ramp will be kept open to the public until the situation is resolved.
  • Please view or download the boat ramp relocation diagram showing how we will be maintaining river access at all times or view the FAQ – boat ramp notification for more information.

Out of hours work

During some activities we will be required to work outside of standard hours to minimise disruptions during peak periods. We will inform the community before any out of hours works is required.

  • Piling work on the northern and southern foreshores is being carried out an and will be complete later this year. This may include out of hours work. View or download our May 2019 letter to residents that explains the piling schedule and informs nearby residents of possible out of hours work.  View the Piling FAQ document PDF, 326Kb) for more information on the piling process.

Manufacturing the bridge's concrete segments locally

A temporary facility is being built about six kilometres south of Mogo. The facility will be used to build the 168 concrete box segments for the project.

Benefits of this location include keeping employment and training opportunities in the local area, minimising environmental impacts by using an existing quarry site and reducing heavy vehicle movements in the Batemans Bay town centre.

View or download the March 2019 notification

Detailed design

Please view or download the detailed design community update for more information on the upgraded design.

A summary of the community's feedback that helped shape the final design can be viewed in the Submissions Report.

Foreshore advisory committee

The foreshore advisory committee meets regularly to provide advice on the foreshore design. The committee brings together representatives from council, the local business community, Aboriginal communities, fishing and boating groups and community members. The design of the foreshore will be available to the community in mid 2019. View or download the Terms of Reference of the Foreshore advisory committee.

Video - Batemans Bay Bridge detailed design



Video - Five steps to build Batemans Bay Bridge


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