About this project

Roads and Maritime will upgrade the Princes Highway at Dignams Creek, which is steep and winding in sections and has a history of crashes involving vehicles leaving the road on substandard curves. The upgrade will improve road safety by building a new two kilometre section of highway to current road design standards located to the west of the existing Princes Highway.


  • Increased road safety by improving road alignment
  • Increased road safety at the Dignams Creek Road intersection
  • Reduced vehicle carbon emissions by improving grades and curves
  • Improved travel times for motorists on the Princes Highway
  • Safer crossings for local animals.

Key features

  • Building a new section of highway to current road design standards
  • Building a new bridge over Dignams Creek to replace the existing bridge
  • Relocating the intersection of Dignams Creek Road and the Princes Highway
  • Upgrading the existing southbound overtaking lane
  • Revegetation of the existing Princes Highway.

Project background

In December 2010 Roads and Maritime Services developed a preferred road corridor for the proposed realignment of the Princes Highway at Dignams Creek. The realignment of the highway was mostly to the east of the existing Princes Highway and would have required large scale bridge and road works.

This option for the road corridor was announced as the preferred option in 2010 and was initially estimated to cost $85 million. As the design was refined this cost estimate increased, mainly due to necessary increase in bridge length.

In light of increasing costs of the preferred option, Roads and Maritime reinvestigated other corridors. A new alignment to the west of the existing Dignams Creek Bridge was found to be better value for money. This alignment involved a reduction in the amount of earthworks and a shorter bridge. Initial investigations found it to cost around $40 million, about half the cost of the eastern alignment.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for this project was completed for the alignment west of the existing Dignams Creek Bridge and was displayed for community comment from 27 June until 29 July 2013.

The REF for the western option was determined in 2013 and detailed design finalised in the first half of 2016.

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