Tree management plan – Kings Highway, Braidwood

Tree management plan - a guidance document for the long term management and maintenance for the avenue of trees along the Kings Highway

Roads and Maritime Services is committed to maintaining an avenue of trees which mark the approaches to Braidwood, but there is a need to protect road users from these hazards.

Roads and Maritime has developed a Tree Management Plan which was adopted by Palerang Council in November 2013. This Plan provides guidelines for the long term management and maintenance of the avenue of trees along the sections of the Kings Highway that form the northern and eastern approaches to Braidwood. In preparing this TMP, careful consideration was given to the results of a comprehensive study of the key issues relating to tree management and road safety. This plan includes technical recommendations for managing the existing avenue of trees as well as new plantings.

The plan recognises the existing trees are nearing the end of their life and proposes the planting of an avenue of new trees in a safer location in the near future, so that when existing trees die or are removed, the tree avenue vista remains.

The Plan has been developed in conjunction with Palerang Council who will deliver the outputs and own / administer the Tree Management Plan.

Development of short term road safety solutions to address the crash history on the Kings Highway at Braidwood is currently underway taking into consideration the feedback received from the community.

Propagation of new golden poplars

Roads and Maritime took cuttings from the existing Golden Poplars that line the northern approach of Kings Highway at Braidwood to grow should they be required for planting as part of the long term management of the avenue of trees.

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