Sturt Highway and Murray Street intersection safety improvements

The NSW Government is investigating safety improvements at the intersection of the Sturt Highway and Murray Street, Wagga Wagga.

Roads and Maritime Services is investigating ways to improve safety for all road users, including improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Some options being investigated may require the removal of parking.

Sturt Highway and Murray Street intersection location map

Updates and announcements

Community feedback

In September/October 2018 we carried out a survey to better understand community issues at the Sturt Highway and Murray Street intersection. We received 562 responses.

Road safety issues such as poor sight distance were raised, together with concerns about the potential impacts from possible solutions.

These concerns included:

  • Restricting access for residents, businesses, emergency vehicles and at the hospital
  • Creating more congestion
  • Removing parking
  • Moving the problem to another local street.

We thank the community for participating in this survey. We will use this feedback to consider ways to improve safety at this location.

What happens next?

We will carry out further analysis of traffic movements at the intersection and will continue stakeholder engagement with Wagga Wagga City Council and NSW Health.

Further information will be provided in 2019, including more community consultation if required.

Project background

The Sturt Highway and Murray Street intersection, Wagga Wagga, has been identified for safety improvements under the State Black Spot Program.

There is a history of crashes at this location with the majority of incidents involving turning vehicles and rear end crashes.

Roads and Maritime is collaborating with Wagga Wagga City Council and NSW Health to develop these options. It will be important to understand traffic and pedestrian movements around the hospital since the completion of stages one and two and when stage three is completed.

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