Stoney Creek and Kingsgrove Road intersection

Stoney Creek Road and Kingsgrove Road, Kingsgrove intersection improvements

The NSW Government’s Bus Priority Infrastructure Program is improving the reliability and efficiency of bus services, while easing congestion for all road users.

Project information

Roads and Maritime Services is proposing to add a dedicated left turn lane on Stoney Creek Road (eastbound) into Kingsgrove Road between Croydon Road and Kingsgrove Road. The planned intersection improvements would reduce delays for bus customers and motorists for this busy and congested intersection.

The intersection is along a key bus route between Hurstville and Macquarie Park (410 bus service). The 490 and 492 bus services also travel through this intersection. Currently there are about 40 buses travelling through the intersection every hour during peak period. There are also more than 3,400 vehicles travelling through the intersection during peak periods every hour.

The proposed improvements to the intersection aim to minimise delays and improve bus travel reliability through the intersection and include:

  • A new dedicated left turn lane from Stoney Creek Road (eastbound) into Kingsgrove Road
  • Property adjustment and acquisition along Stoney Creek Road and Kingsgrove Road adjacent to the Kingsgrove High School
  • Removal of about 30 trees and shrubs from within the Kingsgrove High School
  • Relocation of underground utilities
  • Improved pedestrian facilities, including realignment of the existing footpath along the northern side of Stoney Creek Road into Kingsgrove Road

Property impacts are:

  • To add the new dedicated turn lane, road widening will require land acquisition of a strip up to 3.3 metres wide from within Kingsgrove High School
  • About 30 trees and shrubs will be removed from within the widened area
  • The existing school fence at this location would also be relocated
  • Every effort will be made were possible to minimise the impact on the trees and shrubs. Replacement tree planting and landscaping will be carried out in consultation with the high school and council.
  • Improve the reliability of bus services and journey times through the intersection
  • Ease congestion and improve travel times for all road users particularly during peak periods
  • Improve traffic safety by providing a dedicated left turn lane into Kingsgrove Road
  • Improve efficiency of the intersection.

We will consider feedback as part of the consultation process. A community engagement report will be prepared outlining the matters raised and our responses.

We will update the community in future as the project progresses.

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October 2019 community update

Stoney Creek Road and Kingsgrove Road, Kingsgrove Intersection improvement.



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