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Sydney Gateway

Sydney Gateway will deliver major new connections from Sydney Airport’s Domestic and International terminals to the Sydney motorway network at St Peters Interchange.

Project information

Sydney Gateway is part of the NSW Government’s vision to complete the missing links in the motorway network, improve traffic flow and reduce travel times.  

This high capacity motorway network is vital for supporting the growth of our communities, places and economy.  Sydney Gateway will greatly improve the way people and freight travel to Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

Importantly, Sydney Gateway will return local streets to the community by allowing 10,000 trucks and up to 100,000 vehicles a day to travel on the new road rather than through local Mascot streets.

Features of Sydney Gateway include:

Sydney Gateway map

Sydney Gateway concept design


We have met with cyclists, walkers, community members and local councils over the past nine months, to understand the needs of all users.

Your feedback has been invaluable and has helped shape the development of proposed route options for the permanent shared cycle and pedestrian pathways, and temporary routes used during construction.

We have worked closely with Sydney Airport to develop a practical northern canal option that both commuters and leisure users can enjoy.

Download the factsheet (PDF, 1.64Mb) to learn more.

Use the Sydney Gateway 'Have your say map' to provide your feedback.


Sydney Gateway will help make journeys easier, faster and safer:



  • Easier journeys to and from Sydney Airport and improved connections between the terminals
  • New roads to Sydney Airport to transport 100,000 vehicles a day to cater for forecast growth in passenger and air freight
  • Reduce congestion by widening Qantas Drive from two to three lanes in each direction
  • Improve access to all airport terminals for over-height vehicles with an increased clearance of up to 5.1 metres (from 4.3 metres)
  • Improve traffic flow in Mascot.



  • Improving travel times to Domestic and International terminals
  • Saving up to 31 minutes from Haberfield to Domestic terminals via the New M4 during morning peak
  • Saving up to 22 minutes from Bankstown to Domestic terminals via the New M5 during morning peak
  • Bypassing 26 sets of lights between Parramatta and the Domestic terminals.



  • Reduced cars and trucks on local roads – returning local streets to local communities
  • Reduced heavy vehicles and cars on major roads including:
    • Southern Cross Drive
    • King Georges Road
    • M5 East tunnel.

Planning process

Project timeline illustration

NSW processCommonwealth process
State Significant Infrastructure Application with scoping report 
Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) issued 
Prepare Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) - WE ARE HEREPrepare draft Major Development Plan (MDP)
Publicly exhibit EIS (28 calendar days)Publicly exhibit draft MDP (60 business days)
Prepare submissions/preferred infrastructure report (if required)Consider submissions and update draft MDP
Submit submissions/preferred Infrastructure report to Department of Planning and Environment (DPE)Submit draft MDP to Australian Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development
Assessment by DPE and recommendation to NSW Minister for PlanningDecision by Australian Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development

Sydney Gateway is unlike most other major road projects in NSW as it passes through both Sydney Airport land, owned by the Commonwealth, and other land under the jurisdiction of NSW. As a result, Sydney Gateway will require approval under both NSW and Commonwealth government legislations.

The Environmental Impact Statement and Major Development Plan will be combined and placed on public exhibition late 2019, where you will be able to make a submission.

Learn more about the planning process by visiting our interactive portal.

Project documents


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