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Northern toll plaza precinct upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services is proposing to upgrade the northern toll plaza precinct, on the northern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The proposal includes removing the redundant toll booths and toll office and upgrading the road in the area on the Cahill Expressway. The proposal is part of a package of work to improve and adapt the northern precinct to the needs of a modern city.

Removing the toll booths at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge provides an opportunity to simplify traffic movements when travelling southbound between the Warringah Freeway and the northern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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DEC 2018

DEC 2018Review of Environmental Factors display period

Roads and Maritime services sought community feedback in October 2017 on the proposed upgrade of the northern toll plaza precinct. We received 26 submissions during the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) display period, all of which were submitted by members of the public.

We have prepared a submissions report which summarises the feedback and responses. Some changes have been made to the design, you can view or download the Submissions Report (PDF, 20Mb) for more information.

Project information

The key features and benefits of the project include:

  • removing the northern toll booths and associated infrastructure
  • simplifying traffic movements
  • removing road safety hazards improving waterproofing and resurfacing the Cahill Expressway to reduce the need for future maintenance and provide improved road surface for drivers
  • an Emergency Response and Incident Management Area from space gained after removing the toll booths
  • a uniform 70km/hr speed zone between Warringah Freeway and the Sydney Harbour Bridge with capacity to implement variable speed limits where required across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

During various phases of the improvement work, there would be some impact on motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, residents and businesses in the area.

Roads and Maritime aims to minimise the impact on all stakeholders and keep them informed of its progress.

We will continue to develop the detailed design for the upgrade and will keep the community up to date as the project progresses.

Project documents

Project notifications

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August 2018 project notification

Investigation work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Tuesday 21 August until 22 August 2018.


Community updates

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October 2017 community update

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Northern Toll Plaza Precinct Upgrade.



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December 2018 submissions report

Sydney Harbour Bridge Northern Toll Plaza Precinct Upgrade.

October 2017 review of environmental factors report

Sydney Harbour Bridge Northern toll plaza precinct upgrade.



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