Elizabeth Bay Marina - Contemporary concept design

Additional description of the visual elements of this concept design:

What you would see:

  • Solar panels on the roof structure
  • The roof cladding would be a metal roof
  • A central walkway with timber trellis and vines
  • Balustrades as stainless steel posts and cable to achieve a transparent and unobtrusive appearance
  • Gates as timber battens, in line with the façade treatment.

Sustainable measures include:

  • Recycling of the existing deck structure to be used for the façade in the form of trellis
  • Solar panels
  • Feature green wall segments
  • Recycling rain water
  • Minimising painted elements
  • Utilising low maintenance materials such as marine grade stainless steel, hardwood timber, concrete flooring for the fixed platform, fibre reinforced plastic for jetty elements
  • Prefabrication as much as practical.

Visual assessment:

  • While more contemporary in nature than the existing facility, the flat roof is similar to the design of the existing structure
  • The timber battens create strong vertical elements and noticeable shadow lines between timbers which increases visual contrast
  • The use of glass panels and green walls assist in breaking up the form of the building, reducing its perceived bulk and providing visual interest when viewed from the south
  • The gap between the two sides of the building maintains a view corridor to Sydney Harbour and back to Beare Park when viewed from the north and south.
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