Elizabeth Bay Marina - Traditional Nautical concept design

Additional description of the visual elements of this concept design:

What you would see:

  • Solar panels on one roof structure
  • Roof rafters extended on one building to provide a trellis effect, which also frames the harbour view from the entrance
  • Timber piles with large timber block logs along the fixed platform edge
  • Access gates in a rail and post configuration
  • Set of port holes on the front façade facing Beare Park and on doors in the facility.

Sustainable measures include:

  • Recycling existing deck structure for interior joinery, outdoor benches and tables
  • Solar panels
  • Recycling rain water
  • Use of low maintenance materials – marine grade stainless steel, concrete flooring for the fixed platform, fibre reinforced plastic for jetty elements
  • Prefabrication as much as practical.

Visual assessment:

  • The building’s colour scheme will assist blending the facility into the local context
  • The colour proposed is similar to the marina facility; while it will be new, the colour will be generally what you already see at the marina
  • The use of large glass panels on the front and side of the buildings visually breaks up its form, reducing its perceived bulk and allowing more light into the buildings
  • The gap between the two sides of the building maintain a view corridor to Sydney Harbour and back to Beare Park when viewed at either end.
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