Elizabeth Bay Marina - preliminary concepts

Roads and Maritime developed three preliminary concepts for the proposed upgrade of Elizabeth Bay Marina.

Traditional nautical concept

This concept explores a traditional maritime scheme, in line with the existing facilities. The use of a maritime colour scheme and traditional timber siding echoes the existing building, and provides a treatment that is typical for nautical buildings around the harbour.

Contemporary concept

This concept explores a modern re-interpretation of the existing facilities through unifying the placement of windows and solar panels, and introducing timber battens that echo the existing timber fence of the marina. A central walkway with timber trellis and vines would frame the view towards the harbour while providing shade. Gates would also comprise of timber battens, and when open, would become part of the building’s façade.

Heritage concept

This concept takes its inspiration from the traditional boat sheds that historically existed along the shores of Elizabeth Bay and around the harbour. These shed type buildings were typically a simple rectangular building with a gable roof, devoid of much detail.

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