CBD cycleways

A better connected network of separated cycleways will improve safety for everyone in the CBD – cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

A taxi drives on a road alongside a cyclist on a separated cycleway.

Updates and announcements

The new Castlereagh Street south and Liverpool Street cycleways are now open. It is the first dedicated, separated cycleway that allows bike riders to cycle from Central Station to the Harbour Bridge.

The College Street cycleway was permanently closed on Sunday 27 September to accommodate increased bus and vehicle traffic from road closures on George Street that begin from 23 October 2015.

Project background

Cycleways are identified in the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy as part of an integrated solution to unlock congestion and help residents and visitors to get around the city. This includes light rail and improved bus services and car movements.

The CBD Cycleways Project identifies new connected cycleways for the city on Castlereagh, Liverpool and Park streets.

Castlereagh Street cycleway

The Castlereagh Street cycleway has been split into two sections.

Castlereagh Street south cycleway

The Castlereagh Street south cycleway was opened for use on Monday 28 September 2015 and now forms part of a primary north-south cycle route through the CBD, connecting Liverpool Street in the north and Hay Street in the south.

Some minor work will still need to be carried out including:

  • Removing street lights and poles
  • Reinstating the footpath.

Castlereagh Street north cycleway

After careful consideration of the feedback about the shared use trial Roads and Maritime is not proceeding with the trial and has also decided to defer construction of the Castlereagh Street north cycleway.

Now we have more information about the effect of light rail construction on congestion in the CBD, we aim to minimise disruption to road users where possible. For this reason we have decided to not construct Castlereagh Street north cycleway at this time. This will allow us more time to identify business and transport impacts over the next four years and develop sufficient provisions around the city centre for deliveries and services.

College Street cycleway

The cycleway on College Street was permanently closed on Sunday 27 September 2015.

College Street is identified as a priority north-south route for buses and vehicles in the Sydney City Access Strategy.

This change in use will ultimately change the way traffic moves around the eastern end of the city centre. College Street will need to accommodate buses and vehicles diverted from George Street once Light Rail begins construction in October 2015.

For more information about this project, please visit Sydney City Centre Capacity Improvement Plan.

View or download the cycle routes map. Please note, there will be changes to streets in the CBD, including George Street. Road users should check Live Traffic for the most up-to-date information.

Liverpool Street cycleway

The Liverpool Street cycleway was open for use Monday 28 September 2015 and is a primary east-west cycle route through the CBD, connecting to Sussex Street in the west and Castlereagh Street in the east.

Some minor work will still need to be carried out including:

  • Removing temporary hoarding
  • Demolishing kerb and gutter
  • Constructing new kerb and gutter
  • Investigating new smart pole locations
  • Constructing smart pole footings
  • Investigating location of underground services.

Park Street cycleway

The concept design for the Park Street cycleway was displayed online and at locations across the City of Sydney from 28 July to 22 August 2014. The Park Street cycleway from Castlereagh Street to Elizabeth Street is under assessment.

What happens next?

Some minor work on the Liverpool Street cycleway and Castlereagh Street south cycleways still needs to be carried out. Local residents, businesses and the community will be kept informed as this work progresses. We will consult with the community before proceeding with the Castlereagh Street north cycleway.

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