Beecroft pedestrian bridge

Roads and Maritime Services has completed work on a pedestrian bridge on Beecroft Road near Beecroft Public School as part of the NSW Government’s Active Transport Pedestrian Bridges Program.

Beecroft pedestrian bridge
Beecroft pedestrian bridge

Updates and announcements

Construction work for the new pedestrian bridge was carried out from November 2015 to July 2016.

Work completed includes building foundations, stairs and lift shafts, lifting the bridge span onto the piers, excavating, removing trees, vegetation, establishing a site office and adjusting utilities.

The pedestrian bridge span was lifted into place on Saturday 18 June and the bridge was opened on Tuesday 19 July.

See the July 2016 community update (PDF, 245Kb) for the latest information.


The key benefits to the community include:

  • Providing a safe crossing for Beecroft Public School students and other pedestrians
  • Providing better pedestrian connections between properties on the western side of Beecroft Road and the station, community centre and Beecroft Village Green
  • Providing a safer accessible crossing for people with limited mobility and prams by including lifts in the bridge design.

Key features

The pedestrian bridge is about 9.2 metres high and allows a clearance for heavy vehicles up to about 5.5 metres.

The features of the project include:

  • Direct access to the Beecroft Public School from the pedestrian bridge
  • Removal of the existing pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the intersection to improve traffic efficiency and encourage pedestrians to use the bridge
  • A new pedestrian fence on the eastern side of Beecroft Road to encourage the use of the pedestrian bridge and further improve pedestrian safety.

Community involvement

Roads and Maritime invited the community and stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposal from February to April 2015. Comments were received from 59 people and organisations. We considered the feedback and decided to continue developing the proposal.

After refinement of the concept design for the proposal, Roads and Maritime invited feedback on tree removal, bridge colour and work hours in July and August 2015. After considering the feedback we decided to proceed with the project.

We would like to thank everyone who took time to review the proposal and provide feedback.


Watch a short time-lapse of the bridge span being lifted into place on Saturday 18 June 2016.


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