Lane Cove Road Ramp - completed

The Lane Cove Road Ramp project involves building a new eastbound on-ramp from Lane Cove Road to the Hills M2 and motorway widening between the new ramp and the existing Delhi Road off-ramp. Major construction started in November 2013 and was completed in July 2014.

Key features

  • A new eastbound on-ramp from Lane Cove Road to the Hills M2 Motorway
  • Widening of the eastbound carriageway of the Hills M2 Motorway by one additional lane from the new on-ramp to the beginning of the existing eastbound Delhi Road off-ramp
  • Widening of the Wicks Road Bridge
  • Modified traffic management systems (including an over-height detection system using existing Variable Message Signage and CCTV coverage of the new on-ramp).

Benefits to motorists and the community

  • Avoid up to six sets of traffic lights, compared to the alternative route via Lane Cove Road and Epping Road
  • Avoid 20 sets of lights rather than using the Pacific Highway from Ryde Road to the Gore Hill Freeway
  • A quicker journey from Lane Cove Road to Delhi Road.

The $22 million project is fully funded by Hills Motorway and will be paid for through revenue from a toll on vehicles using the new ramp.

It is anticipated that the opening toll prices will be $1.80 for cars and motorcycles, and $5.50 for trucks and heavy vehicles.

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