M2 upgrade

The Hills M2 upgrade started in January 2011 and was completed in August 2013. The upgrade involved building an extra lane in each direction between Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills and Lane Cove Road to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion for motorists. The upgraded Hills M2 will relieve congestion and provide motorists and commuters with reduced travel times during peak hours.

The path of the Hills M2 from the M7 to the Lane Cove tunnel
Path of the Hills M2 motorway

Features of the upgrade

The upgrade delivered:

  • New west facing Windsor Road on and off-ramps
  • An additional eastbound lane from Windsor Road to Pennant Hills Road
  • An additional eastbound lane from Pennant Hills Rd through the M2 Tunnel to Lane Cove Road
  • The new Christie Road eastbound on-ramp
  • The new Herring Road westbound off-ramp
  • Additional westbound lane from Beecroft Road to Pennant Hills Road
  • Widened road between Lane Cove Road and Beecroft Road to reinstate the 3.5 metre traffic lanes and 2.5 metre breakdown shoulder for cyclists
  • Norfolk Tunnel widened in both directions.

Upgrade benefits

  • Reduced congestion during morning and afternoon peak periods
  • New access points to Sydney's growing residential and business
  • Restoration of a 100km/h speed limit along the motorway from Lane Cove Road to Beecroft Road
  • New entry/exit points to create opportunities for additional public transport services and facilities
  • Increased capacity to accommodate planned future residential and business growth
  • An estimated 12 per cent reduction in travel time for bus commuters, with a five minute travel time saving expected between Seven Hills and Macquarie Park.

Find out more on the Hills M2 upgrade website.

Additional M2 work

Additional maintenance work is being carried out to stabilise the motorway’s embankment next to the eastbound lanes at Marsfield, near Vimiera Road. This work started in September 2013 and is expected to be completed by mid-2015, weather permitting.

Work to build the Lane Cove Road on-ramp started in November 2013 and is expected to be completed in July 2014, weather permitting.

Until this work is completed:

  • Eastbound cyclists will have restricted access to the breakdown lane and will have to enter the motorway at Pennant Hills Road
  • Three general eastbound lanes will operate at a reduced speed of 80km/h from Terrys Creek Bridge to Delhi Road, North Ryde.
  • The T2 lane between Terry’s Creek Bridge and Lane Cove Road is expected to open once work is completed.

Find out more about Marsfield embankment maintenance on the the Hills M2 website.

Find out more about on the Lane Cove Road on-ramp website.

Alternate Cycle Route

Westbound cyclist access to the breakdown lane on the Hills M2 Motorway has re-opened from Lane Cove Road to Windsor Road.

Eastbound cyclist access to the motorway breakdown lane is permitted from Windsor Road to Pennant Hills Road where cyclists can continue their journey on the existing Alternative Cycle Route. This is due to construction work to build the new east-facing Lane Cove Road Ramp and maintenance work to the motorway’s northern embankment at Marsfield, near Vimiera Road.

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