Macquarie Park corridor strategy

In 2009, Roads and Maritime prepared a corridor strategy for the area from Mona Vale to Macquarie Park. The strategy identified short and long term priorities for Mona Vale Road, including the East and West upgrades.

Community need

On Tuesday 1 October 2013, a fatal tanker crash occurred on Mona Vale Road just east of the roundabout at Ponderosa Parade/Samuel Street. The clean-up of this crash took more than 24 hours and resulted in total closure of Mona Vale Road in this location.

A combination of the community concern and the crash history in this area has resulted in Roads and Maritime elevating the priority of further road upgrades.

Interim improvements

Initial work to improve safety on the approach to the Ponderosa Parade/Samuel Street roundabout was completed in early 2015. The work included new speed limit signs and improved line markings, signs on the steep descent and warning signs.

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