New and extended clearways on the Pacific Highway corridor

Between Pennant Hills Road, Wahroonga and Mona Vale Road, Pymble

Roads and Maritime Services has extended the weekday clearways and introduced new weekend and public holiday clearways on the Pacific Highway between Pennant Hills Road, Wahroonga and Mona Vale Road, Pymble.

The new and extended clearways operate in both directions.

You must not stop or park on a length of road signed as a clearway during its hours of operation. If you park in a clearway during the clearway hours, you risk being fined and your vehicle can be towed.

Buses and taxis are allowed to stop on a clearway to drop off or pick up passengers. Emergency vehicles are exempt from clearways restrictions.

To report a vehicle parked in a clearway or if your vehicle has been towed from a clearway, please call Transport Management Centre on 131 700.

Changes on the Pacific Highway in Pymble

To improve safety for motorists travelling southbound on Pacific Highway, the merge from three lanes to two lanes before the Pymble bridge has been moved earlier. The line marking between Telegraph Road and Post Office Street/Grandview Street has been changed to merge southbound traffic into two lanes around 100 metres after the Telegraph Road intersection.

This location on a straighter and flatter section of the Pacific Highway is intended to improve the visibility for merging and provides a dedicated left turn lane into Pymble shops. This maintains three lanes available at the Telegraph Road intersection to ensure efficiency and throughput of the traffic lights.

This change has allowed us to retain around eight parking spaces in the left turn lane between the merge and Post Office Street and introduce a loading zone near local businesses on Pacific Highway, outside of the morning clearways.

The current southbound clearways on weekdays from 6am to 10am remains in the left turn lane, from the new merge to Pymble Bridge. Please refer to the map below for more details.

Line marking is indicative only
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