Rosehill to Clyde - James Ruse Drive

James Ruse Drive is an important urban arterial road that runs for almost 7km from Parramatta Road at Clyde to the Windsor Road interchange at Northmead and provides a major crossing over the Parramatta River.

Updates and announcements

Latest news

Work to widen James Ruse Drive in Parramatta to accommodate left turn lanes, northbound to Hassall Street and southbound to Grand Avenue, started in April 2014 and was scheduled to be completed in June 2016, however due to delays, the work is expected to be completed in September 2016.

Work completed so far includes extending the right turn bay from James Ruse Drive into Grand Avenue. Roads and Maritime Services will continue widening James Ruse Drive north of Hassall Street, installing new traffic light posts and relocating utilities.

The intersection improvements at James Ruse Drive and Hassall Street are expected to be open to traffic on Thursday 30 June, weather permitting.

Night work will continue between 8pm and 5am, excluding Saturdays. Minor activities that will not impact traffic will be carried out between 7am and 6pm Mondays to Fridays. For more information, please see the June community update (PDF, 94Kb).

Project background

Average travel speeds along James Ruse Drive can be as low as 37km/h during peak times. This is partly due to cars and trucks accessing industrial areas, the M4 Motorway, Parramatta CBD and Rosehill Racecourse.

There are also limited pedestrian facilities and there is a safety problem with trucks mounting the kerb when trying to turn corners.

Project objectives

  • Reduced delays and improved safety
  • Improved pedestrian facilities
  • Safer truck manoeuvrability.

Key features

To reduce congestion and improve safety Roads and Maritime Services will:

  • Provide a dedicated left turn lane on James Ruse Drive southbound to Grand Avenue and a dedicated left turn lane on James Ruse Drive northbound to Hassall Street
  • Extend the right turn bay on James Ruse Drive northbound into Grand Avenue. Extend the right turn bay on James Ruse Drive southbound into Prospect Street and extend the right turn bay on James Ruse Drive southbound into Parramatta Road
  • Close the central median to prevent right turns into and out of Hope Street and the Rosehill Racecourse access opposite Hope Street
  • Reconstruct corner kerbs to facilitate truck turns and provide new and improved pedestrian crossing and access facilities.

Next steps

We will return to the site in September to complete the final stage of this project. This will include resurfacing the intersection, concrete slab work on Hassall Street and landscaping.

We will continue to keep the community updated as work progresses.

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