Starkey Street pedestrian bridge, Forestville

Starkey Street pedestrian bridge opened Monday, 26 March 2018

Starkey Street pedestrian bridge under construction
The new Starkey Street pedestrian bridge

The project

  • Motorists and pedestrians making their way through the Warringah Road and Starkey Street intersection at Forestville can now enjoy a safer and smoother trip with work on a new pedestrian bridge completed three months ahead of schedule.
  • As part of the work, the existing pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights on the western side of the intersection of Warringah Road and Starkey Street has been removed to improve traffic flow, which means pedestrians will have to use the new bridge.
  • Bicycle racks have been installed on both sides of the bridge near the lifts as well as fencing at the intersection and along the centre median to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • The new lifts can accommodate up to 15 passengers as well as scooters, bicycles and prams. There is also a roof over the bridge span to protect users from the elements as well as safety fencing and throw screens.
  • Pedestrians can also choose to use the stairs at either end of the bridge to make their way across Warringah Road.

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Project benefits

There is currently a very high demand for the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights of Warringah Road at Starkey Street due to local buses, shops, community facilities and schools. More than 100 pedestrians per hour use the crossing in the morning peak period. The minimum time for pedestrians crossing is 30 seconds. The frequency and length of time the pedestrian crossing is used causes traffic delays and congestion on Warringah Road during peak periods. The benefits of the pedestrian bridge include:

  • Improving the efficiency of traffic flow along Warringah Road at Forestville, particularly westbound traffic in the morning peak and eastbound traffic in the evening peak
  • Reducing delays on Warringah Road in both the morning and evening peak
  • Supporting improvements to road-based public transport on Warringah Road by improving traffic capacity
  • Improving safety, by separating pedestrians from a busy main road
  • Improving transport access by aligning bus stops with the proposed pedestrian bridge
  • Providing urban design improvements around the bridge.
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