Alfords Point Road and Menai Road, Menai

Roads and Maritime Services is providing a dual southbound left turn lane onto Alfords Point Road into Menai Road to improve traffic flow and safety.

Project background

Motorists travelling southbound on Alfords Point Road are experiencing delays during peak periods because vehicles queuing in the left turn lane (to turn into Menai Road) are overflowing into the through lanes.

The project is part of the NSW Government’s $246 million Pinch Point program which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Sydney’s main roads particularly during week day peak periods.

Project objectives

The project work will improve traffic flow and safety by providing more room for motorists wishing to turn left from Alfords Point Road into Menai Road. It would also improve capacity by providing better lane use and reduce the risk of rear end crashes.

Key features

The project involves:

  • Duplicating the left turn lane from Alfords Point Road into Menai Road
  • Constructing a retaining wall on the northern side of Alfords Point Road
  • Installing new drains and drainage pits
  • Adjusting underground utilities and street lights
  • Constructing new kerb and gutter and a pedestrian island
  • Extending the existing concrete footpath
  • Adjusting and installing new traffic light posts
  • Realigning the existing pedestrian crossing on the eastern side of Menai Road (Old Illawarra Road)
  • Installing new line marking.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime invited the community and key stakeholders to provide feedback on this proposal in September 2014.

The Community Consultation Report identifies the issues and suggestions raised by the community, and how they have been responded to and considered. The local community will be kept informed on the progress of work throughout the project. Please email if you would like to receive email updates.

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