Intersection improvements on Captain Cook Drive, Taren Point Road and The Boulevarde, Caringbah

The NSW Government is funding this project to help ease congestion and improve safety in NSW.

Updates and announcements

Work will begin in February 2019 to construct a new right-turn lane from Taren Point Road onto The Boulevarde, Caringbah, and to improve the safety of a pedestrian crossing outside Endeavour Sports High School.

For more information please view or download the December 2018 start of work notification (PDF, 472Kb).

Project map

Project background

In May 2018, Roads and Maritime Services announced a project to improve the intersection of Taren Point Road, The Boulevarde and Captain Cook Drive in Caringbah. This followed investigation work that took place from September 2017 to March 2018.

Key features

Around 70,000 road users pass through this intersection on an average day, many of them coming from the north and turning right from Taren Point Road onto The Boulevarde to head towards Miranda, Gymea and Sutherland.

This results in queuing during the AM and PM peak periods and causes delays for motorists travelling through the intersection and congestion. Roads and Maritime will be widening Taren Point Road to provide an additional right turning lane to allow more vehicles to travel through the intersection during each traffic light phase.

The work includes:

  • Widening Taren Point Road to include an additional right turn lane southbound into The Boulevarderealigning the north-west corner of the intersection to allow for road widening, including relocating and widening the existing pedestrian crossing and kerb ramps on The Boulevarde
  • Relocating existing utilities on the south-west corner of the intersection, including replacing the existing foot path and fencing
  • Altering the two signalised pedestrian crossings on Taren Point Road, at the northern and southern ends of the intersection, to correspond with the road widening
  • Tree removal, trimming and landscaping
  • Road resurfacing and adjusting road marking.

Key benefits

The key benefits to the community include:

  • Improved journey times for road users heading from the north towards Miranda, Gymea and Sutherland
  • Easing congestion for through-traffic on Taren Point
  • Improved safety for students from Endeavour Sports and Caringbah high schools, as well as other pedestrians.

Next steps

In mid-January, RMS will establish a site compound on the grounds of Endeavour Sports High School. RMS will be install a new LED sign and resurface one of the school’s car parks. We are grateful to Endeavour Sports High for their support during this project.

Intersection improvement work will start on 1 February 2019. It will involve the relocation of utilities (gas, water and power).

Project documents


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