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Site investigations between Bestic Street, Brighton-Le-Sands and West Botany Street, Rockdale 573Kb
Site investigations at McCarthy Reserve and Ador Park Precinct, Rockdale 573Kb
May 2019 Removal of air quality monitoring equipment on the corner of General Holmes Drive and Tancred Avenue, Kyeemagh 671Kb
May 2019 Removal of air quality monitoring equipmentat Kings Road in Brighton-Le-Sands 835Kb
April 2019 Geotechnical Investigations - Princes Highway and President Avenue, Rockdale 1.53Mb
April 2019 Geotechnical Investigations - West Botany Street, Rockdale 1.12Mb
March 2019 Geotechnical Investigations - Kirby Industrial Estate, Rockdale 1,024Kb
March 2019 Geotechnical Investigations - French Street, Rockdale 920Kb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Bicentennial Park, Rockdale 1,009Kb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Cross Lane, Kogarah 1.08Mb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - French Street, Rockdale 1.43Mb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - West Botany Street, Rockdale 1.33Mb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Chandler Street, Rockdale 1.5Mb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Kirby Industrial Estate, Rockdale 1.57Mb
February 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Rockdale Plaza Drive, Rockdale 1.6Mb
January 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Ashton Street, Rockdale 1,002Kb
January 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Gibbes Street, Rockdale 1.16Mb
January 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - King Street, Rockdale 1.02Mb
January 2019 Geotechnical Investigation - Garnet Street, Rockdale 1.3Mb
December 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Lord Street, Rockdale 1.23Mb
November 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Corner of West Botany Street and Eve Street, Arncliffe 1.4Mb
November 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Tantallon Avenue, Arncliffe 1,018Kb
November 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Victory Reserve, Rockdale 1.34Mb
November 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Bunnings warehouse car park, Rockdale 1.37Mb
October 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Cameron Street, Banksia 2.81Mb
October 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Bay Street, Rockdale 1.32Mb
October 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Roads and Maritime Depot, Rockdale 1.34Mb
October 2018 Geotechnical Investigation - Kent Street and Bryant Lane, Rockdale 1.34Mb
June 2018 Utility Investigations President Avenue, West Botany Street and Princes Highway, Kogarah 401Kb
February 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Rockdale Plaza Drive, Rockdale 260Kb
February 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - West Botany Street, Rockdale and Kogarah 260Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Rockdale Plaza Drive, Rockdale 260Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Shaaron Court, Banksia 343Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Aboukir Street, Rockdale 414Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Pitt Street, Rockdale 382Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical and Utility Investigations - President Avenue, Kogarah and Brighton-Le-Sands 364Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Bicentennial Park, Brighton-Le-Sands and Kogarah 280Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Lindsay Street, Rockdale 385Kb
January 2018 Geotechnical Investigations - Marinea Park, Arncliffe 295Kb
December 2017 Ground Condition Investigations - Bicentennial Park, Rockdale and Kogarah 369Kb
November 2017 Air quality monitoring General Holmes Drive and Tancred Avenue, Kyeemagh 473Kb
October 2017 Ground water monitoring Spring Street, Rockdale 342Kb
October 2017 Air quality monitoring Kings Road, Brighton-Le-Sands October 2017 468Kb
August 2017 Gravity survey 97.4Kb
May 2017 Geotechnical investigations - The Boulevarde, Sans Souci 219Kb
May 2017 Geotechnical investigations - Toyer Avenue 255Kb
April 2017 Geotechnical investigations - Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci 191Kb
April 2017 Geotechnical investigations - Kendall Street Reserve, Sans Souci 241Kb
April 2017 Geotechnical investigations - Oakdale Avenue, Kogarah 204Kb


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