Intersection improvements on Georges River Road and Milton Street, Ashfield

The NSW Government is funding this proposal as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services sought feedback in September and October 2018 on proposed intersection improvements at Georges River Road and Milton Street, Ashfield.

A consultation report (PDF, 3.7Mb) summarising the community’s comments and responses was released in November 2018. We also published a community update (PDF, 467Kb) that was distributed to residents and key stakeholders.

After considering all responses, along with the proposal's aims and design requirements, we have decided to proceed with the project unchanged.

Project background

The Georges River Road and Punchbowl Road corridor forms part of the NSW Government's $300 million Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Sydney's main roads particularly during weekday peak periods.

The intersection of Georges River Road and Milton Street, Ashfield was identified as having significant congestion issues, particularly during weekday peak periods.

The aim of the proposal is to improve traffic flow through the intersection. This will decrease queuing and ease congestion by allowing more vehicles to travel through the intersection during each traffic light phase.

Installing a pedestrian crossing on the south side of the intersection and restricting right turn movements from Milton Street into and out of nearby Blackwood Avenue will help improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Project benefits

  • Travel time savings for motorists using the intersection, particularly during peak periods
  • Reduced queue lengths and traffic delays due to a better flow of traffic through the intersection
  • Improved road safety for all road users
  • Improved access and mobility for pedestrians.

Project features

  • Providing an additional dedicated right turn lane on Milton Street for motorists turning into Georges River Road
  • Widening the eastern side of Milton Street to provide a dedicated through lane for southbound motorists on Milton Street
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the intersectio
  • Re-aligning the south-west corner of the intersection from Milton Street to Georges River Road to provide safer access for service vehicles
  • Restricting right turn movements into and out of Blackwood Avenue
  • Extending existing parking restrictions to 13 car spaces on Milton Street and seven spaces on Georges River Road
  • Re-aligning the shared footpath along the eastern side of Milton Street
  • Re-locating the existing sandstone kerb to the new alignment on the eastern side of Milton Street
  • Removal of some mature trees on Milton Street to accommodate the widening
  • Modifying the existing street lighting, utilities, line marking, traffic lights and sign posting to suit the new intersection design.

Project map

Project map

Community feedback

Roads and Maritime asked for feedback on our proposal to improve the intersection in September. We want to thank everyone who provided feedback. We received comments from 14 people. Three people were in favour of the work, four people were against some aspects of the proposal and seven people did not state a preference. After considering the community’s feedback we have decided to continue with the project unchanged.  

Consultation report

We have responded to all community feedback in a consultation report, which is available on our website. We thank everyone for considering the proposal and for the time they spent to give us feedback. Key matters raised by the community included:

  • Restricting the right turn into and out of Blackwood Avenue
  • Extending parking restrictions
  • Environmental impacts because of the proposed work including noise and tree removal
  • Safety for road users.

We have summarised the feedback received and our responses in a community consultation report.

What happens next?

Construction is expected to start in late 2019. Key stakeholders, nearby residents and road users will continue to be kept informed as the project progresses.

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