Intersection improvements on Kingsway and Elouera Road, Cronulla

The NSW Government is funding this project at the intersection of Kingsway and Elouera Road as part of its $100 million Congestion and Safety Program which aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key road corridors.

Artist impression of Peryman Square after work is complete
Artist impression of Peryman Square after work is complete

Updates and announcements

In November 2918, we called for public feedback on options to offset the reduction in parking spaces and for preferred plantings in the re-established garden beds. The engagement period closed on 17 December 2018.

The most popular option to offset the loss of parking spaces on was to convert untimed parking on Mitchell Road to four hour timed parking. Roads and Maritime will support this parking option in discussions with Sutherland Shire Council, which is responsible for local parking spaces.

There was also community support for maintaining the present garden bed plantings in Peryman Square. Those findings will also inform our discussions with the Council.

View or download the full community engagement report (PDF, 1.3Mb), including public comment and our responses.

View or download a summary of the report’s findings (PDF, 268Kb) which was distributed to local residents and businesses.

Project background

Kingsway, particularly in peak periods. Currently, traffic at this intersection builds up, blocking the through-lane and creating a ‘pinch point’.

We are upgrading this intersection to add an additional right-turn lane to help reduce congestion and fix this local pinch point.

When the work is complete, around seven extra cars will be able to fit in the new right turn lane, which increases capacity at this intersection and gets traffic moving again.

In December 2018 we relocated two accessible parking spaces on Elouera Road, constructed a new, safer pram ramp across Elouera Road and surfaced an area of Kingsway, eastbound.   

We’ll return to work in mid-2019, and aim to complete the full project by late 2019.

We know the Bali memorial is important to the local community and want to assure residents that our work will not affect the memorial or visitor access. The current visual appeal of Peryman Square will also be maintained.

In November 2018, we asked for your feedback on our work schedule, alternative parking arrangements and landscaping options for Perryman Square. These were contained in the November Community Update.

Project map

Project features

  • Duplicating the right turn lane from Elouera Road into Kingsway
  • Removing up to 15 parking spaces on the southbound lane on Elouera Road to allow for road widening work
  • Installing an on-road cycle lane to connect Elouera Road with the existing Gerrale Street cycle lane to facilitate active transport in the area
  • Adjusting the kerb and pram ramps opposite the Peryman Square entrance to improve pedestrian safety
  • Moving two accessible parking spaces further north towards Mitchell Road and existing pedestrian footpaths headed down towards the beach
  • Moving the traffic lights at the entrance of Peryman Square
  • Establishing the new Peryman Square entrance
  • Utility and drainage work
  • Road resurfacing, linemarking and asphalting.

Project benefits

  • Reduce congestion and improve travel times
  • Reduce queuing times for vehicles turning right from Elouera Road into the Kingsway
  • Reduce the likelihood of right turning traffic banking up and blocking the Elouera Road through lane
  • Improve traffic flow and travel-time reliability for motorists
  • Provide safe, active transport links for cyclists and walkers.

Give us your feedback

We welcome your comments on the project. If you have any questions, please contact our Project Manager, Jimi Edwards, during business hours, by telephone on 1800 572 004 or by email:

Work schedule

We anticipate that further construction work will begin at the intersection in the coming months to be complete by late-2019.

We always aim to schedule our work to minimise disruption to traffic, limit noise and maintain access to places like beaches and businesses, which is why most of the intersection improvement work will take place in 2019. In order to complete the work as quickly as possible we are proposing to work up to five nights and six days a week. We welcome your comments on this proposal.

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