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Data availability

CO, NO2 and PM10 data for a given hour are available on this website 30 minutes after the following hour. For example, data for 09:00 to 10:00 is available at 10:30.

24-hour average PM10 data for a given day is available 30 minutes after midnight the next morning. For example, data for 05 July 2001 is available at 00:30 on 06 July 2001.

Unvalidated data is available in tabular form for the following time periods:

M5 East Freeway monthly air quality monitoring summaries

This page is updated on or about the 15th of the month with non-validated data from the previous month and validated data from two months previous.


Some of the tables and graphs on this page are derived from data that comes directly from the air monitoring stations. This data may be adjusted at a later time through a standardised procedure to account for instrument errors, power interruptions and the like.

Air Quality Monitoring - Past 4 Weeks

Validated data

In tunnel air quality reports

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